Next Friday at the Library, an eight-time Fodderstack winner, with an inspiring story to tell

Katie Arnold, a writer and Fodderstack runner with strong Rappahannock roots. Courtesy photo/Olivia Harlow/The New Mexican

The Second Friday speaker next Friday, April 12 (8 p.m., at the library) will be Katie Arnold, a writer with strong Rappahannock roots, who will be talking about her brand-new memoir, Running Home. Katie, an eight-time winner of the Fodderstack 10K, will be running in this year’s race, too. She is an ultra-marathoner and a champion, but her book is about much more than running. She took up running when her father was diagnosed with cancer and she found herself paralyzed with fear. She ran not to get fit, she writes, but “to get out of the house and escape the dread.” Running Home is the story of how she managed — eventually — to recover. The talk is free, and all are welcome.

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