Robin Bolt recognized for bringing bandwidth to ‘rural Rappahannock’

By Holly Jenkins
Special to the Rappahannock News

The headline says it all: “How a District Leader Persisted in Bringing Fiber to Her Schools.”

As in Dr. Robin Bolt, who is being celebrated for successfully bringing fiber connection to rural Rappahannock County — or at least its public schools.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Education SuperHighway recently published a blog featuring Bolt, Rappahannock County Public Schools’ Executive Director of Administrative Services.

Prior to the recent upgrade, the internet at the schools was insufficient for the needs of all of the students.

In fact, Rappahannock was one of only six school divisions in the state that wasn’t equipped with fiber.

Dr. Robin Bolt saw to it that Rappahannock students, if nobody else in the county, had fiber connection. By Holly Jenkins

Bolt worked with Education SuperHighway, a company that is focused on assisting public schools obtain high-speed internet access, to eventually bring appropriate bandwidth to the county’s two schools.

In an interview for the article, Bolt explained how this has benefited the students.

“[Rappahannock] is a beautiful area, but as far as technology goes . . it’s just not there. [This internet upgrade] really helps the kids,” she said.

“Now, teachers are using [technology] to give feedback to students via uploaded documents, run our STEM lab at the elementary, and offer all kinds of iPad apps for our Pre-K students. Technology is being integrated as a tool to teach these subjects now that we have the network backbone to support it.”

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