McMansion ‘monstrosities’

There is no escaping the Sperryville cell tower, even from our home four miles away. Its color does not work. Its blue-ish tint seems white and very visible from a distance due its forest backdrop.

The new tower is not unlike the McMansions that scar our hillsides. The new tower is just not as obnoxious and infinitely more utilitarian for our county’s residents than the McMansions.

Some of these structures are B&Bs (Skyline Vineyard Inn on Clark Lane and Parma at Little Washington on Christmas Tree Lane).

Next time you are driving from Sperryville to Washington, look to your left. The irony of building these monstrosities for tourists who come here for the viewshed seems to be lost on our Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals.

The legal requirement of a “zoning permit” before you can get a “building permit” was ignored by the John McCarthy regime for over 20 years. The importance of the former, before the latter, is that a zoning permit requires that you state specifically what the end use of the construction will be. Both monstrosities were not required to do that.

They used “residential” building permits with no “zoning permit.” Hence we have these architectural scars in Rappahannock’s viewshed.

Putting members of the aforementioned boards and commissions, whose livelihoods are involved in real estate, seems not to be working. There is no one to blame but the Rapp County voters who reelect them.

Phil Irwin attends all the county meetings my wife (Yoko) and I attend. He is an immeasurable county asset. His devotion to Rappahannock cannot be challenged. It is the Phil Irwins whose advice we must follow.

Jock Nash
Washington (Little Jenkins Mountain)

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  1. Mr. Nash, I agree with your comments regarding the over building on the Western side of Little Jenkins Mountain. The land has been stripped and multiple huge houses have been built. The natural beauty of the area has been lost, my ancestors are crying. BOS must enforce our zoning code to put a stop to this. Do we want to look like Apple Mountain in Linden?

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