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RCHS state champs in ‘Governor’s Challenge’ — on to Nebraska!

The 2019 State Championship of the Governor’s Challenge in Economics and Personal Finance was held this past week in Richmond. Accompanied by teacher advisor Linda Petty, Rappahannock County High School students Stuart Bailey, Bryce Jones, and Alec Petty competed against teams from across the state who had qualified for this prestigious, daylong championship. Though RCHS was missing team member Itsail Arellano during the final event, they took the first place honor in the highly competitive personal finance division of the competition.

After winning first place in Virginia, the RCHS team will advance to the national competition. This year’s national championship will take place May 10 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dr. James Lane, Virginia Superintendent of Schools and Stephanie Peters, Board Chair of Virginia Council on Economic Education pictured with the 2019 Virginia Personal Finance Division Champions from Rappahannock County High School. Left to right, Stephanie Peters, Linda Petty, Stuart Bailey, Bryce Jones, Alec Petty, Dr. James Lane. By Laura O'Brien

The competition began in March with teams of more than 3,000 students across the state completing a test to assess their knowledge of personal finance. The top ten teams were then invited to compete at the state level in three divisions: two economic divisions and one personal finance division. Prior to competing in Richmond, the top teams were given a case to analyze and submit recommendations for clients.

During the daylong competition, Bailey, Jones, and Petty presented to the judges and answered a series of questions. Upon being selected among the top two teams, the RCHS students presented once again in front of hundreds of people that had come out for this highly competitive event. At the end of the final round, it was announced that Rappahannock had won first place in the personal finance division.

Teacher Advisor Linda Petty is extremely pleased with the accomplishments of her students: “I am very proud of the team and how hard they worked to be successful at this competition.  They worked for many hours to analyze the case and develop recommendations for their clients.  I think that they are in a good position to do well at the national competition in May.”

In a press release, Governor Ralph Northam spoke about the importance of personal finance skills: “A strong foundation in personal finance and economic literacy empowers young Virginians to be smart consumers and equips them with the high-demand skills necessary to fully participate in our 21st century workforce and contribute to our growing economy. This challenge gives Virginia students an opportunity to apply their classroom learning, make informed decisions, and gain a deeper understanding of economic concepts. I am proud to recognize this year’s winning student teams and their teacher advisors.”

— Holly Jenkins

Red Fox shines

During the most recent School Board Meeting, Dr. Shannon Grimsley and the School Board recognized RCPS art students for participating in the Virginia School Board Association’s (VSBA) Regional Student Art Contest.

Each school division throughout the state was asked to submit one piece of artwork from the elementary school, middle school, and high school levels. Rappahannock was eligible to submit one from elementary and one from high school since we do not have a separate middle school building.

Claire Keyser (RCES) and Virginia Reinboldt (RCHS) submitted art work that was selected by a RCPS judging panel to represent our division as the top entries at each school. Virginia won third place at the VSBA contest for her artwork entitled “Red Fox.”

Virginia Reinboldt pictured with RCPS Superintendent Dr. Shannon Grimsley. By Holly Jenkins

Even more impressive, Virginia, an 8th grade student, was competing in the high school category even though she would have been placed in the middle school category in larger school divisions. RCPS is pleased to acknowledge both Claire and Virginia with a certificate of achievement and the framing of their artwork.

In addition, Beth Barron (RCES) and Everett Zook (RCES) were presented with a certificate of recognition for being selected as a finalist in the preliminary judging round at the school level.

Congratulations to each of these four students for creating their impressive artwork to represent Rappahannock County Public Schools.

Earth Day assembly

RCES students laughed, danced, and learned about biodiversity during a special performance by Billy B Productions. During the entertaining assembly, the students were engaged in songs and activities related to environmental science topics such as water quality, global warming, and the variety of life on earth.

Rapp students learn about biodiversity through song and other activities By Holly Jenkins

This interactive assembly was offered in two separate segments for grades PreK-4 and 5-7. Thank you to RappFLOW who sponsored the event as well as a variety of other Earth Day events for RCPS students over the past several years.

Principals’ breakfast

This month’s RCES Principals’ Breakfast was held last Friday. The students enjoyed eating the delicious breakfast with their principals and peers. Legacy Farm Market supplied the tasty breakfast treats.

Each month, teachers nominate one student to attend as a special recognition for good character, good behavior, or extra effort in the classroom. The students receive a special invitation to have breakfast with Mr. Temple, Ms. Phillips, and Dr. Grimsley.

This month’s students include Olivia Glascock, Harlie Riley, Shawn Jenkins, Seth Grimsley, Hailey Voorhies, Sawyer Pond, Kevin Covarrubias, Charlie Baldwin, Xander Calhoun, Coraline Smith, Joshua Hasse, Alyssa Gascock, Caylee Baldwin, Amanda Gallardo, Jayden Criss, Sara Baldwin, Sophia Barnes, Everett Zook, Chloe Jenkins, Jeremiah Phillips, Cody Marcus, Will Vandry, Brooke Atkins, Jose Canseco Martinez, Hailey Kidwell, Carmen Blakenship Breeden, Hailey Hawkins, and McKenna Torosian.

Ribbons for RCPS

Rappahannock County Public School students competed in the Special Games Event in Culpeper this week.

According to Dave Roberts, Special Education Teacher, “many ribbons were won in field events consisting of relay races, football throw, and broad and long jumps.”

Congratulations to students Luke Ubben, CJ Baker, and Caitlin Stickle. Special thanks to Carol Johnson, Special Education Director, and Tasha White, Special Education Assistant, for serving as chaperones during this exciting event.

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