Sun shines on 41st Fodderstack Classic

More than 300 compete in annual race between Flint Hill and Washington


Photos by John McCaslin

More than 300 participants ran — and jogged and walked and skipped — their way in glorious sunshine Saturday morning from Flint Hill to Little Washington for the 41st annual 2019 Fodderstack 10K Classic.

“For once it didn’t rain,” observed Katherine Leggett of the Washington Town Council, who applauded runners at the finish line.

Twenty-four-year-old Leif Van Acker (Bib 59) was the overall winner of the classic, completing the hilly course with an impressive time of 37.56.4 (a 6:08 mile pace). “My best time was 35.46, but I was in high school then,” a hardly-out-of-breath Van Acker told the Rappahannock News at the finish line.

Placing second and third overall among the men were Steve Chalke, 59, with a time of 44.02.4 and Michael Dunn, 44, who clocked in at 45.:06.1

As for the women, the first place overall finisher was 47-year-old Katie Arnold (Bib 281), with a time of 42.24.0 (a 6.51 pace).

“This is my ninth victory,” said Arnold, a Rappahannock native who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She ran her first Fodderstack at age 7.

Placing second and third overall among the women were Rachel Savering, 35, with a time of 45.50.3 and Emma Van Hook, 33, who finished at 50.31.8

Unique hand-painted Fodderstack coffee mugs went to the winners of each age category. By John McCaslin
Rappahannock County Supervisor Chris Parrish (center) is congratulated after the race by Frank Reynolds and Washington Councilwoman Katherine Leggett. Parrish, 71, finished third among men ages 70-74 with a time of 1:08:33.3. By John McCaslin
The finish line area this year featured tasty food and beverages, live music, and more. By John McCaslin

In the female age group 1-14, finishing first was Tylor Brino-Dean, 13, with a time of 59.12.5. In the same male age group placing first was Will Wofford, 10, with a time of 56.56.3

Females in the age group 15-19 congratulated first place finisher Grace Coad, 17, whose time was 58.11.5. In the male group the top finisher was Matthew Paratore, 16, who finished at 50.52.8.

For the 20-24 years old, Nicole Giller, 23, placed first with a time of 51.14.1, and for men first place went to 22-year-old Ben Gillis whose time was 48.53.1.

With females ages 25-29, the winner was Courtney McHale, 27, at 52.58.9, and for men it was Patrick Shahn, 25, with a time of 47.35.5

Women ages 30-34, the fastest runner was 34-year-old Laura Schliesske, at 51.56.4, and for the men Paxton Alsgaard, 33, took top honors with a time of 46.41.1.

For the 35-39 age group, Lauren Ervine, 37, crossed the finish line first with a time of 51.35.2. The top male runner was James, Rice, 39, who finished at 45.55.7

In the female category of 40-44 year olds, first place went to Kristine Martinez, 44, with a time of 55.05.4, while Jason Brady, 41, crossed the finish line at 52.30.5

Women ages 45-49 saw Susannah McNear, 46, take first place honors with a time of 53.47.8, and the top male finisher was Jake Secrist, 48, at 48.55.0

As for women ages 50-54, Sally Pontarelli, 53, clocked in at 52.01.1, while Tom Doyle finished first at 48.34.4.

Mary Davis, 56, was the fastest runner among 55-59 year olds, finishing at 54.30.4, and in the men’s category it was 55-year-old Joseph David on top at 52.35.3

For 60-64 year olds, Page Fisher, 63, was the top female runner with a time of 1:04.05.7, and James Daley, 61, recorded a time of 53.36.2

Ginny Hughes, 68, crossed the finish line at 1:03.08.1 to win the 65-69 group, while the top male finisher was Torney Van Acker, 65, with a time of 51.11.8.

The 70-74 age group for women congratulated first place finisher Cris Sterling, 73, for her time of 1:08.52.9, and for men Charles Thompson, 71, clocked 59.28.0.

Gwen Bates, 76, took her age category of 75-79 year olds, with a time of 1:31.36.9, while the top male finisher was James Necci, 76, who finished the course in 1:24.58.8

And finally, in the men’s age group of 80-99, congratulations to Patrick Coady, 81, who finished with an impressive time of 1:18.00.9.

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