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Luke is a "Best of D.C." photographer who has been published, in print, in The Washington Post, The Washington Times and Miami New Times. He started his photography career as a reporter for the University of Maryland's daily newspaper and served as the entertainment editor for "City Living " magazine. Website:


  1. If I did that the Board of Supervisors would put me in jail as fast as they could get the Sheriff out to my place !Then they would fine me right out of my home and laugh at me while I was being evicted !

  2. IF one was JOINT owner of the property when their deceased spouse was building a residence instead of a farm building without the proper permit and has not paid the correct tax for years then they should be held responsible. In some jurisdictions, something built without a proper permit, is ordered to be torn down. The zoning states one residence on a 25 acre lot, then the BZA needs to quit allowing exceptions or we will continue on the road to tacky.

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