‘McMansions’ vs. dilapidated houses

I would hardly refer to the beautiful homes adorning the hillsides of our beautiful county “McMansions.”

The word McMansion, according to Wikipedia, “is a pejorative term for large mass produced dwellings, constructed with low quality materials and craftsmanship, using a mishmash of architectural symbols to invoke connotations of wealth and taste, executed via poorly imagined exterior and interior design.”

The homes you are referring do not meet the criteria, far from it.

Are these new homes any less or more extravagant than the homes that were built and have graced Rappahannock County for a hundred years or more? I’d hasten to say that some of the largest and gaudier homes in the county were built a very long time ago.

Personally, I’d much rather see these new beautifully designed homes ornamenting our county than a dilapidated house with trash, old cars and other debris piled about the yard; trash which often finds its way into the roads and streams.

And while on the subject of trash and litter, have you taken notice of all the garbage being deposited on our roads? We should be directing our indignation (and tears) toward the folks that feel its OK to throw garbage out of their vehicle. I seriously doubt that the buyers and owners of these homes in question would ever consider littering or trashing their yards.

Instead of looking up at the mansions on the hillsides, try looking down at the mess some folks are making out of our county roads. The folks responsible for trashing our roads are the ones that do not deserve a place in Rappahannock County. The people seeking a better life and surroundings, be it in a remodeled farm house or a large new home should be welcomed with open arms.

Mark Raiford

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  1. I agree with Mr Raiford. Trash on our county roads is a big problem and getting worse! Waterford road, Viewtown road, Rt 729, and all of Rt 211 are just a few. Besides the hand thrown trash, trash bags thrown in back of pick-up trucks and not secured are being blown out along the side of the road, then animals rip the bags and scatter the trash. Can we keep our county beautiful by picking up trash, even if we personally did not create it. Does the county have a program for picking up road trash?

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