An apple as a reminder

Years ago, I took a picture of a single apple, one of the final ones from our farm. It exists as a reminder of what once was a great and thriving business here in Rappahannock and, I think, a cautionary tale, an example that change happens whether we want it to or not.

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Mr. Richard Brady, in his column last week, doesn’t seem to acknowledge this fact. When he describes some unknown entity who he thinks are subscribing to some all or nothing type of push for a result of “more houses, more people, more congestion, greater burdens in our schools and social services, and the eventual diminution of the quality of life,” I think he needs to actually think about our history here, what has vanished job wise and population wise.

How do we recover from those losses? No one that I have talked to wants the absolutes Mr. Brady describes. Many have expressed a desire for availability of small homes like those described during at a recent RappAtHome meeting: starter homes, pocket neighborhood availability in and around our villages.

We need families and children to provide for our future as a viable community, one we had a while ago and one we can have when most of us living here gather together with that common goal. There are other resources we need to move forward in the 21st century while still preserving the spacious open landscapes many enjoy.

We are all Rappahannock, each of us in our own way making a valuable contribution from the nooks and crannies throughout our county.

Sheila Gresinger

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