Rappahannock event overdose

I don’t know about you, but I experienced “Rappahannock overdose” last Saturday because of the multitude of events which were scheduled that day.

As a Sperryville resident, my loyalties sided with attending the first (and I hope future) Sperryfest, which I thought was a resounding success. However, since I had commitments planned in the morning, I was also hoping to attend the Waterpenny Plant Sale and I also thought about taking in the Garden Week home show in Washington.

In addition, there were several other events in the county scheduled Saturday, such as the Oyster Festival at DuCard Vineyards, the evening concert at Washington Theater, and a dramatic presentation at the county high school.

At the end of the day, I felt badly that I ended up missing out on several other worthwhile events in order to fully enjoy Sperryfest. But I don’t think it had to end up that way.

Instead of having to prioritize and then miss out on a multitude of events scheduled on the same day, wouldn’t it be more sensible for the leaders of these events to meet early in the year (a ‘County Events Committee’?) in order to schedule their events so that there’s a minimum of overlap on the same day?

In the end, cooperating and not competing helps them succeed by drawing increased attendance and it helps county residents and visitors who don’t want to feel like they have to choose.

Tim Nolan

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