Washington column for June 6

Exciting time for Pre-K class

On Tuesday, May 29, Ms. Montague’s PreK class had their graduating program with songs for friends and family in the school auditorium. By Amber Clatterbuck

Graduation is an exciting time for your son or daughter or grandchild. It’s both an ending and a beginning. For Ms. Montague’s Pre-K class at RCES it was a happy time for those little ones on Tuesday, May 28, when her class received their Pre-Kindergarten Certificate. It was also the beginning of a brand new chapter in their life. The parents were so proud of their child that tears could not be held back for some.

Ms. Montague’s students were full of joy and excitement with smiles on their faces as they sang songs in front of friends and families during the Pre-K performance.

Rapp Seniors

Rapp Seniors, after an hour of wonderful shopping at Fireside Treasures, the Washington Fire Hall Thrift Store, enjoyed a lovely picnic luncheon at the Rappahannock County Park on Tuesday, May 28.  Ruth Welch came and spoke about all of the amazing changes that were taking place at the park — cornhole, shuffleboard, walking trails, feeder garden, tennis court improvements, new bulletin board/announcement case, etc.

The Rappahannock Seniors enjoyed a day out on the town of Washington on Tuesday, May 28 , shopping at the Fireside Treasures and having a blast picnic at the Rappahannock County Park. By Darcy Canton

She took some of the seniors for a walk to the Rush River and told them about the plants and trees that were removed and that are now “coming out.”

Shelby Welch and Ruth Welch both played cornhole, testing out the court (which is regulation distance — a long throw!).  Shelby and Darcy played shuffleboard, which was amazingly easy! According to Darcy Canton, Rappahannock Senior Center Site Administrator, the pucks slide so effortlessly on the surface put down for them. They signed out the equipment from the County Administration office at the Visitor’s Center and returned it when they were finished.

It was awesome, said Darcy. The lunch was made by Hackley’s in Amissville and delivered by a wonderful volunteer, Hal Hunter.

“We had a grand time, enjoying both the people and the environment,” said Darcy. Although it was a hot day, there was a lovely breeze blowing through the shelter which kept everyone cool.  “What a great resource this county has with the Rappahannock Park,” said Darcy.


Birthday wishes go out to Fran Kresber, who celebrated her special day on June 10. Margaret Baumgardner, who will celebrate Friday, June 14, and Steve Clatterbuck, who celebrates his birthday on Sunday, June 16; and to my grandson, Kenneth Kain Dillon Clatterbuck, who will blow out his candles on Wednesday, June 19.

Anniversaries wishes go out to Beverly and John Sullivan, who are celebrating their big day today, Thursday June 6, Wishes also go out to a special couple, John and Judy Tole, who will celebrate their Golden Anniversary on Friday, June 14.

Congratulations go out to Harris Hollow couple Chuck and Diane Moore, who will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary on Friday, June 14. Wow, Chuck, for 39 years your lovely wife has had to put up with you. (All good I’m sure!). May you both have many more wonderful years together! Chuck, be sure you get Diane a nice gift and flowers, and take her out for a nice dinner.

Free movie night

Looking for a reason to bring out your ruby slippers? Perhaps you need courage? There’s no place like Second Saturday Cinema at Washington Baptist Church on Saturday, June 8 at 6 a.m., where you will see a fabulous classic movie and receive refreshments all for the staggering price of $0.00!

All are welcome. The church is looking forward to seeing you. Please contact our church office at 540-675-3336 or email at wbc.dramaclub@gmail.com for additional information or for a copy of the Second Saturday Cinema Schedule.

Adams exhibition

The Virginia Moca and The Runnymede Corporation is hosting an Open Reception Exhibition by our resident artist Kevin H. Adams, featuring his painting of “Morning After the Storm” 30 x 40 oil on canvas. Exhibit date is Friday, June 21 from 5 p.m to 7 p.m. at the Satellite Gallery, 600 22nd St., Virginia Beach. By Kevin H. Adams

The  Virginia Moca and The Runnymede Corporation are hosting an Open Reception Exhibition by our resident artist Kevin H. Adams, featuring his painting “Morning After the Storm,” a 30 x 40 oil on canvas. Reception date is Friday, June 21, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Satellite Gallery, 600 22nd St., Virginia Beach.

I hope everyone enjoyed the cool weather we had the beginning of the week, I know I sure did. Warmer days are on the way.

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