Father’s Day remembrance

Written June 3, 2005 for my father, Moffett H. Brady, Sr., born in Clark Hollow in Rappahannock County in 1903, and passed from this life in 1975.

An only child, that was he,

Born in nineteen hundred and three.

The stones are still there where the chimney stood,

To see him again, would that I could.


His life was working on the county roads,

And early each day, he arose,

And left to return, sometimes for lunch,

And sometimes, I think, just to see his bunch.


For he had ten younguns, and he loved us all.

And he did the best he could, as I now recall.

His times were different, dads didn’t hug and such,

But he provided, and we didn’t want for much.


And from what I can tell, he set the bar pretty high,

For those he left, and we still try,

To make him proud, and respect his name.

For his own Dad, he did the same.


And from this day on, ’til I cease to be,

I thank my Father, for his legacy.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

I love you.

Richard Brady
Flint Hill

Richard Brady
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Richard Brady was born and raised within sight of Rappahannock Peak, as was his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, etc. He graduated from George Mason University and was employed for 35 years with various agencies of the federal government. He retired in 2001, and he and his wife, Linda, live in Flint Hill, Va.

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