Vote for Biniek, et al

I am writing to encourage all county residents to vote for Mike Biniek and the other two reform candidates (from Repower REC) in the upcoming Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors election (see article in last week’s paper). There are three reform candidates up for election — Mike Biniek, Andrea Miller, and Jack Manzari — and residents of this county can vote for all three on the proxy ballot included in the upcoming July Issue of their Cooperative Living magazine, or they can sign up on REC’s website to vote from, or they can attend the actual meeting in Fredericksburg to vote (see the magazine).

What is important about this is that Mike Biniek supports fiber to the home and a partnership with REC to bring it in. I am guessing the other two reform candidates do as well. Mike thinks electric rates are too high, and he also supports easy ability to contact one’s representative on the board, which has been difficult up until now (Note: We are District 1), and transparency about the rates these board members are paid (to go along with the REC agenda?), which has been excessive. The REC states all customers are also owners of the cooperative. The election of these candidates may make this seem real instead of fiction.

I think these candidates would only be a positive addition to the Board, and encourage everyone to vote for them. Thank you.

C. Price

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