Curtain call for The Talented Clementine

I can’t remember a time when the audience at a play I attended looked happier than they did at the Theater at Little Washington Saturday [June 15]. The play was The Talented Clementine, a musical written by Rappahannock’s Paul Reisler and starring a cast of 26 kids from 15 elementary and middle schools and homes all around the area, and 17 more kids backstage, all of whom had learned just how to cheer up those of us who were lucky enough to see and hear them in “Little Washington.”

Much of the music emerged from the voices of still other kids who had participated earlier in Kid Pan Alley sessions organized by Paul and Cheryl Toth.

There was only one thing that put some limits on my happiness of the day. On Saturday there weren’t that many Rappahannock County kids or their parents in the audience. But although this is only June, Christmas is coming. I can’t imagine a better Christmas present for the community than for someone to put The Talented Clementine on for us again later this year. I’ll let you know if I hear that’s coming. You can bet that I’ll be there.

Peter Hornbostel
Flint Hill

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