Trail names, angels, and bears . . . oh, my!

Hiking the Appalachian Trail in SNP: The Rappahannock News met two thru-hikers — Zac Huxley, 23, of Hartford, Conn., and Dan Egan, 39, of Boston, Mass. — at nearby Elkwallow Wayside, where Dan and Zac were resting and provisioning for the next leg of their hike. They shared their experiences on the AT. […]


Pellegatta publishes ‘Lyric’

Rappahannock wordsmith and photographer Ted Pellegatta Jr., has a new book available via Amazon.com — print and Kindle editions — titled, “Lyric: Words on a Page.” “Stories of almost eight decades of living,” explains the Sperryville resident, “the whole world to Rappahannock County.” […]

Letters to the Editor

Supervisor Frazier ‘entitled to representation’

Your article of June 13, 2019, “Supervisor Frazier racks up hefty legal bill in suit he’s ‘not a party to’” showed a serious lack of diligence in seeking and fairly reporting the current state of events. Mr. Frazier is subject to the court’s jurisdiction because of a subpoena served on him by County Attorney Arthur Goff in connection with Bragg I. […]

Letters to the Editor

RAWL around the world

Thanks for the beautiful story on Wesley. Your story has been read from California to Kauai. He’s been a great dog for us. He didn’t know how to sit when we first met him but he was an old soul. After a week of intense training, he was able to fly on a jet round trip in the cabin. He is lovin’ life on the West Coast. […]

Letters to the Editor

Restoring county zoning integrity

The BZA has scheduled a public revocation hearing for the original three-bedroom permit on June 26. Henrickson has since filed an application for five bedrooms. To apply for five bedrooms, while conditions for the previous permits are unmet and subject to revocation, is audacious. […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for faith and fun

I would like to take this time to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for an outstanding Coming Together Campmeeting. I can’t say enough thank you’s for the Flint Hill Fire and Rescue Department for allowing us to have this wonderful event on the carnival grounds. I want to thank every Pastor, Preacher and Evangelist that came. […]

Letters to the Editor

For all you do . . .

Thanks to all the Rappahannock veterans who came together for our first annual Flag Day Veteran’s Beer Call. We had representatives from all ranks for the four major services, a WWII vet, and even representatives from Allied Forces. This year we had 31 veterans. Next year, let’s get 60! […]

Letters to the Editor

I went to the Garden Party . . .

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful community participation at our Garden Party this past Saturday. It was a beautiful evening filled with good cheer and lively conversation and we could not have been more pleased with the results. […]

Sperryville Column

Sperryville column for June 20: Going ‘Off the Grid’ in Sperryville

Sarah’s vision is to have a Net Zero Cafe, meaning they source all their own energy. The foods are locally sourced and global, in fact Ivan related, “Taste Global, Eat Local” using locally sourced foods. The menu, which will enjoy core offerings, will have ever changing choices and will be seasonal and include vegetarian, vegan and what Ivan called Flexitarian, meaning meats eaten responsibly. […]

Washington Column

Washington column for June 20

For many years, a Rappahannock 4th of July tradition featured daylong festivities in the town of Washington, topped off by fireworks at Avon Hall hosted by the Carrigan Family — a public celebration open to everyone. There were fond memories for so many of us that used to attend the day celebration. […]

School/Education News

School news for June 20

RCHS Varsity Softball ended the season with the 2nd place trophy in the Class 1 State Championship Game; RCPS School Board approved the nomination of Karen Sanborn to serve as the Executive Assistant to the Principal at the high school;
and the first Saturday evening in June, upper school students, faculty, families and friends of Wakefield Country Day School gathered for commencement services in the school’s senior garden to honor the Class of 2019. […]


Soapbox Derby time

Cars have been fine-tuned, drivers completed trial runs, and pit crew are standing by as 10 young Rappahannock County drivers prepare for this weekend’s Soap Box Derby at Paul Bates Raceway in Culpeper County, sponsored by the Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby. Drivers compete in each division with the hopes of reaching the All American Soap Box Derby in Ohio. […]

The Rapp

The Rapp for June 20

The 2019 Beehive Distribution Program will begin accepting applications July 1; Wakefield Board of Supervisors candidate Debbie Donehey waited to “announce” her candidacy until current Board Chair Roger Welch had time to explain his reasons for stepping down; and this past week’s Culpeper Minutemen Commemoration shows that patriotism is alive and well with attendance from 4 brother chapters, the DAR and CAR. […]

Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane for June 20

Oct. 10, 2002: Walking into Mimi Forbes’ house, there is a presence of flowers everywhere, especially lilacs: strewn in print across upholstered furniture, gracing the collection of dessert plates hung on the walls, on pillows and in frames, as artwork. […]