Waddya know? A truck accident on Ben Venue Road

Tight squeeze: A Rappahannock County Sheriff’s deputy at the scene was heard to say that if the truck had gone two more inches over, the driver of the car would have been killed. Patty Hardee

In the early afternoon of Tuesday, a clear summer day, a trucker driving a semi on narrow, winding Ben Venue Road as a cut-through between Route 211 and 522 met a vehicle on one of the road’s constricted turns, crushing the driver’s side of the car. 

A Rappahannock County Sheriff’s deputy at the scene was heard to say that if the truck had gone two more inches over, the driver of the car would have been killed.  

An accident like this realizes the road’s residents’ greatest fear — coming head-to-head with a tractor trailer truck on a small country road with no shoulders and blind turns. This just days after the residents learned that the Commonwealth Transportation Board was poised to deny an application from the county’s Board of Supervisors and Ben Venue Road residents to restrict through-truck traffic.

Rappahannock County Administrator Garrey Curry questioned Warrenton VDOT resident engineer Mark Nesbit at Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting about the status of the application. Curry reminded Nesbit that the Board had unanimously approved the action to restrict through-truck on Ben Venue. 

Curry told the supervisors that he had done what he could from the administration side and he urged the individual supervisors to reach out to their own contacts in Richmond to help push the restriction through.

(Editor’s note: Patty Hardee lives on Ben Venue Road.)

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  1. My daughter was the person in the vehicle that was hit by the tractor trailer on Ben Venue Road. As you can image, getting that phone call from her telling me she had been hit by a tractor trailer and was trapped in her car was the phone call all parents fear. I want to reply to some of the comments on the article. 1) I agree that Ben Venue should be closed to all traffic unless you live or conduct business on that road. There are many people who have never traveled Ben Venue and are directed by GPS to take Ben Venue. They have no idea how sharp the turns are, especially the turn where my daughter’s crash occurred. Not to mention the speed limit is 35mph around that turn. 2) It only takes 2 extra minutes to take Rt. 211. We will never travel Ben Venue Road again and if you value your life you will stay away too!

    • Cars can be replaced, but not daughters. We’re all relieved it wasn’t a tragedy. And as a mother, I’m glad the driver had cell service and could reach her parent !

  2. What does it mean when a Road is posted as “Through Trucks Restricted?” And is it enforced? And by whom?

    • Hi, Carolyn, It means that trucks serving addresses on Ben Venue Road are allowed, but trucks just using the road as a cut-through between 211 and 522 are not allowed. As to how it would be enforced–good question.

      • Patti, I have a real interest in how restricted roads are enforced as I live just off Rt. 1001 in Sperryville that is clearly marked in at least three places. Eighteen wheelers, trucks pulling large mobil homes and groups of motorcycles travel that daily. There is a dangerous intersection at each end of 1001 and at the intersection with Rt. 600 there is an obstructed view. I grip the wheel everything I drive through there, feel safer on the beltway.
        I have never seen any enforcement of through trucks or illegal parking. Isn’t parking on State right-of-way illegal?
        I once got a ticket for that in another county.

  3. Can somehow it be taken off if GPS as a through road as well? I have seen a Motor coach come out of that road too. It’s not good

  4. This is a very historic road for the county and the best solution in my opinion is to close it to through traffic altogether. Clearly there will be a need for tractor trailers for the home on the road during moves but that should be it. I can’t imagine what the residents go through with so much traffic (I see the same on Viewtown). It’s such a pretty drive but like all other roads in Rappahannock are just cluttered. Ben Venue has othing but a short cut and over the years the amount of work I’ve had one on my suspension wasn’t worth the few minutes of saved travel time.

    • I travel from Strasburg to Amissville everyday to work and have tried both ways and you save zero time by using Ben Venue unless you exceed the speed limit on that narrow curvy road.

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