When relief came to Old Hollow

Wow, this brings back bad memories [“When tragedy came calling to Old Hollow,” June 27]. While we were all relieved when this was over (none more than Cheryl Hart), reading the author’s succinct account of the FBI’s role, I would have liked to learn more about their discussions with the abductor that led them to the final outcome.

Old Hollow and Swindler Hollow residents (as well as the entire community) were in a state of serious concern. We knew that this guy was roaming around prior to him occupying the old Lyon home (whose former occupants, The Lyons, endured a most tragic experience with the [Maryland] kidnapping and disappearance of their young girls in 1975 — the mystery having just recently resolved with the conviction of the abductor in 2017).

As I recall, Cheryl Hart subsequently wrote a letter to the editor of the Rappahannock News, thanking law enforcement and the residents for their help with this awful tragedy. Interestingly, she noted that the local residents were lucky to have possessed family “watch” dogs, which discouraged the perpetrator from breaking and entering other homes in the neighborhood.

Vincent Day

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