REC directors work to find right balance

In the latest edition of Cooperative Living, members of the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) will receive a proxy allowing members to exercise their democratic control over who is to serve on REC’s board of directors. The proxy allows members to vote for an individual candidate, designate another member to vote on their behalf, or provides for the Board of Directors to cast the vote as it deems appropriate. I am writing about the importance of returning the proxy and to provide some perspective on REC’s governance and direction.

REC’s Board of Directors’ works diligently to be responsive, transparent and to operate following best governance practices. REC has created a governance center on REC’s website. Information on the website includes: REC’s by-laws, audited financial reports, and REC’s form 990 — the co-op’s tax return. Also included is information on directors’ compensation and detailed information about capital credits.

Members of REC should know that REC has also worked very hard to provide its members with a stable, diversified power supply that includes wind, solar, gas, nuclear, and even some coal. REC’s board very much supports the use of renewable energy as it makes sense. A good example is the REC Sun Share Program. This program allows members to take advantage of solar without having to incur all the upfront costs.

REC’s Board also understands the importance of rural broadband. Virginia’s State Corporation Commission does not allow REC to recover the costs associated with running broadband to a member’s home. To find the right balance, REC is currently in the process of building a fiber-optic backbone. This fiber-optic network can be used to work with local providers and governments to serve our under served members.

Members should know REC’s Board of Directors works hard to continually find a balance between many competing interests, whether it be governance, power supply, infrastructure improvements, capital credits or even broadband. The Board is responsive in serving ALL members’ needs by providing safe, affordable, and reliable electricity.

I am very thankful for the incredible privilege of serving as the REC Board Chair. and I am very grateful to work with REC’s caring and capable employees and to work with such a dedicated and responsive board of directors. Once again, please take the time to exercise your democratic control of REC by returning your proxy.

Chris Shipe
REC Region II Director and Board Chair

Editor’s note: Region II of the REC encompasses Clarke, Fauquier, Stafford and a portion of Warren and Rappahannock counties.

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