Lawsuits consuming county’s time, energy and money

Despite several members of the public asking for civility of the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors in the New Year, this past Monday’s meeting was marked with disagreement, aggression and raised voices — supplied mostly by Jackson Supervisor Ron Frazier, who erupted several times during the meeting, mostly around the topic of ongoing taxpayer-funded litigation in defense of the county government. […]

School/Education News

College scholarships available from Northern Piedmont Community Foundation

Recognizing that many students forego a college education given the cost, the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation (NPCF) remains focused on expanding its scholarships — including renewable funds — to local youth. It has a success story that merits boasting. In 2017, NPCF managed 27 separate funds and awarded more than $133,000 to college-bound seniors. […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

Clark Hollow Ramblings: The unwashed and uneducated

Several weeks ago, the owner of the Rappahannock News wrote an editorial about the outcome of the bike trail issue, and how he thought the loser of the argument was the people of the county, who would not get to enjoy the benefits of the trail. Up to that point, I thought the paper had done a reasonably good job of remaining neutral about the bike trail, so I was a little surprised and a bit disappointed. […]

Letters to the Editor

Looking deeper into the fissure

In his attempt, he quoted and paraphrased Fareed Zakaria, “The fissure between relatively better-educated urbanites and less-educated [sic] rural populations appears to have become the new dividing line in Western politics. (People who self-identify as rural) feel ignored or looked down upon and feel deep resentment toward metropolitan elites (e.g., Rappahannock come heres!)” […]

Sperryville Column

‘Rappa Hang On’ to flicking corn kernels

Rappahannock residents Lois Snead and Carolyn Tholand Thornton took their audience back in time during Rapp at Home’s popular Local Voice Series. Carolyn is the widow of Philip Lee Thornton, of the original Thorntons of Thornton Gap, and an always welcoming face volunteering at the Food Pantry. Lois is a 95-year-old Rappahannock Force of Nature, also filled with stories of local lore. […]


Shutdown persists, Rapp feels the bite

The partial U.S. government shutdown that began Dec. 22 and has left 420,000 working without pay continues to be felt in Rappahannock County. Despite beautiful weather this past weekend Shenandoah’s hiking trails, popular Skyline Drive and even Route 211 adjacent to the Thornton Gap entrance (seen here last Saturday) were virtually empty. […]