The final House Tour

On October 20 and 21 of this year, the fall House Tour, sponsored by Trinity Episcopal Church, will present its 62nd final group of three houses to visitors. Begun in 1956, this event was the only fall event in the county for decades, and the entire community worked to present the best of Rappahannock homes to guests from all over the mid-Atlantic. […]


Why Martin Luther Now?

This Saturday the audience will be treated to a towering performance by Hugh Hill as Luther, and to Howard Coon’s quirky, fascinating portrayal of pope, Leo X, Luther’s nemesis and the first Medici pope. Leo X was a hedonist and probably an agnostic who brought the great art of Michelangelo and Raphael to Rome, and bankrupted the Vatican in the process. […]

Letters to the Editor

UCOR: United Citizens of Rappahannock

Several Rappahannock citizens have joined together to form a new, county-wide organization to promote good government within the county, to encourage civility among all of our government officials and our citizens, and to act as a catalyst to people of all persuasions to work together to make Rappahannock county government work for the benefit of all of us. […]

Letters to the Editor

GOP plays follow the leader

They call these moves “pro-business,” but I would call them pro-destruction. We need someone in Congress who will work to restore sanity and strong curbs on carbon. This year, we need a Democrat [in Virginia’s 5th congressional district]. We need Leslie Cockburn. […]

Letters to the Editor

When is the public discussion?

This new facility will have a HUGE impact on the future of ALL of Rappahannock County. It is the kind of commercial development that citizens of Rappahannock County have guarded against for decades. Who is this federal Post Office official who can change the character of this county that has been protected by so many, for so long? […]

From the Rappahannock News

PATH Foundation announces available funds

The PATH Foundation announces up to $750,000 in available funds for general operations grants for qualifying nonprofits in Rappahannock, northern Culpeper and Fauquier counties. The funds will offer unrestricted funding for nonprofits to use towards general expenses such as rent, utilities and equipment.The deadline is October 12. […]

Letters to the Editor

Rabbi: Not our first rodeo

As for me, the most frightening sign of hatred the day after Charlottesville’s White Supremacist march was walking into Lowes on Rt. 29 and seeing that they had moved all their Tiki-Torches to the front of the store to fuel the fear. As Virginians, it would behoove us to keep our history in the rear-view mirror, and not let that history blind us to what is ahead. […]

Letters to the Editor

Looking out for all 22747 customers

I don’t know the details, as was not there, preferring instead to watch the NCAA Football Championship game between my alma mater, the University of Georgia, and our rival, the University of Alabama. But that day was the last time I spoke to any senior Postal official about the matter. […]

Washington Column

Washington column for Sept. 20

Just as we were beginning to dry out some, heavy rains from Hurricane Florence drenched the area on Monday evening. Rain and more rain came down, we could stand on the deck and hear the water coming off the mountain behind us. There were two streams running from the mountain down through my yard. […]

The Rapp

The Rapp for Sept. 20

Autumn is near and there are many of events to fill your fun-filled Fall calendar. Friday: RappCats annual fundraiser Saturday: free admission at Shenandoah Park Saturday, and 12th Annual 5K Fun Run at WCDS. Next weekend, Sept. 29 and 30: Rappahannock County Annual Farm Tour. […]