Never too soon for politics

The Rappahannock County Democratic Committee hosted the Blue State Bluegrass Brunch Saturday at the Washington Fire Hall. Guests of honor included 18th District House of Delegates candidates Laura Galante and Tristan Shields, who will compete in the June primary to face Republican Michael J. Webert. […]


Bridge replacement to wrap up early

Hats off to construction crews that since early fall have been replacing the westbound Route 211/522 bridge over the North Fork Thornton River. The original completion date was July 1, 2019, but Mark Nesbit, VDOT’s residency engineer, now tells the county Board of Supervisors: “The completion date is May 1.” […]

Sperryville Column

Daniel Keyser: A Rappahannock jewel

Rapp at Home’s popular “Local Voice Series” recently hosted a particularly delightful speaker, namely Daniel Keyser of Old Hollow. In his 80’s, charming, funny and filled with extraordinary tales of lore; of days gone by, of a Rappahannock barely recognizable now. […]

Letters to the Editor

Of fire halls and wineries

One of the things I have learned living in Rappahannock County is this: venue is everything. If you want to know the concerns of the “born heres” and ordinary working folks, you need to have meetings in the public schools, rescue squads and fire halls. If the UCOR organization is to be taken seriously, its representatives should engage with a true cross section of the county. […]

Letters to the Editor

Bring in a kid

It might be helpful to find a bright computer savvy kid with Adobe Photoshop to provide a rendering for us on the remaining towers. Certainly would have prevented the eyesore we have now. […]

Letters to the Editor

Repeal the handouts

Historic flooding, tornadoes, wildfires, mudslides and avalanches. The list of catastrophic weather events is long. Many are characterized as unprecedented.This is just the beginning. As carbon levels in the atmosphere rise, so will extreme weather events. […]

Letters to the Editor

McMansion ‘monstrosities’

There is no escaping the Sperryville cell tower, even from our home four miles away. Its color does not work. Its blue-ish tint seems white and very visible from a distance due its forest backdrop. The new tower is not unlike the McMansions that scar our hillsides. The new tower is just not as obnoxious and infinitely more utilitarian for our county’s residents than the McMansions. […]

Letters to the Editor

We are Rappahannock

I want to note, publicly, that the successes of our Prom and After Prom were made possible in very large part by the largess and generosity of the Rappahannock community. So from the bottom of my heart, as both a community member and as the Principal of RCHS, I wish to say THANK YOU to my community. You give added meaning to our favorite cheer, that being “We Are Rappahannock!!!” […]


Never too young to volunteer

Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue held an open house Saturday for adults and kids alike, featuring everything from firefighting apparatus and EMS demonstrations to dishing out delicious hot dogs. Seen here, 17-month-old Hank Carney gets his first taste of riding shotgun in a red fire truck. […]