Letters to the Editor

GOP plays follow the leader

They call these moves “pro-business,” but I would call them pro-destruction. We need someone in Congress who will work to restore sanity and strong curbs on carbon. This year, we need a Democrat [in Virginia’s 5th congressional district]. We need Leslie Cockburn. […]


Richie Burke: Citizen of the Year

In public safety, if you’re doing your job right you’re probably going unnoticed. Perhaps that’s why it has taken this long to recognize lifelong county resident Richie Burke as the Rappahannock News Citizen of the Year. […]

Roger Piantadosi
Land Use/Zoning

Avon Hall, in negotiations

Town Attorney John Bennett, the selling agent for the 12-acre Avon Hall property, has entered into negotiations with an undisclosed party who has expressed “serious” interest in parts of the property. […]


Sunnyside goes solar

Once the Sustainable Technology Institute crew out of Richmond finishes the 10-day installation, the sun’s power will generate around 49,000 watts of electricity, enough to cover the farm’s entire energy use. […]

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Features & Columns

Nature lessons are life lessons

Local arborist and wildlife expert Lyt Wood, who is hosting the 31st annual Rappahannock Nature Camp June 13-24 on his 11-acre Singing Creek Farm, at the Hazel River’s edge two miles west of Rt. 231 in Sperryville. […]

The Farm at Sunnyside

Candid critter camera

A golden eagle returned to The Farm at Sunnyside in Washington on Jan. 2, and was photographed by a trail camera feasting on deer guts, almost exactly a year apart from the last golden eagle trail-cam sighting on the farm. […]

Land Use/Zoning

No site plan, no consideration for approval

The Planning Commission voted unanimously last Wednesday night (Feb. 17) to table a special use permit application to add two bedrooms and around 6,000 square feet of space to an existing three bedroom bed and breakfast at 105 Christmas Tree Lane, to become a wellness center for healing and the permanent home for property owner Sadhna Singh, a Fairfax OBGYN for the last 20 years who also owns a property just off US 211 near Ben Venue. […]


School Board votes down recording meetings

A motion by Stonewall-Hawthorne district School Board Member Larry Grove to record all school board meetings, and to save each month’s meeting recording on a single copy audio disc for 30 days before being erased, failed to pass, by a 3-2 vote, with Hampton District representative Lucy “Pud” Maeyer the other pro-recording vote. […]

Jennifer Martin Woodward
School/Education News

One trophy left, region champs are state bound

The Rappahannock High School wrestling team made their mark on Saturday (Feb. 13), winning the Region 1A East Championship at Northampton High School by 49 points, and sending five wrestlers to the finals match. Region champs: Christian McCracken at 145 lbs., Ethan Foley at 170, and David Smoot at 220. Hunter Nicodemus (106) and Johnny Beard (182), finished second in their classes. 26-year-old head coach Alex Coffroth was voted regional Coach of the Year. […]


Wakeup call: The volunteer system is aging

The current county volunteer fire and rescue system may be in peril. There is serious concern among local authorities that the increasingly rigorous training demands from the state, coupled with an aging fire and rescue volunteer population, are challenging the viability of the system — and that means we could have to pay first responders, just like everyone else in the region. […]

Roger Piantadosi

35 homes at Avon Hall? ’No, thank you’

Don’t shoot the messenger, Town Attorney John Bennett sighed after 45 minutes of discussion of a potential use of the 12-acre Avon Hall property, which just went on the market at last month’s Town Council meeting. The Council considered Monday night (Feb. 8) the construction of 35 houses on the property, an idea introduced by Bennett, on behalf of an anonymous interested developer. […]

Betsy Brooker

The Blizzard of 2016

Even the geese saw this one coming, as flocks of a dozen or so merged into strings a hundred strong, fleeing the white wall of snow that had faded the Blue Ridge to the West on Friday by about 10:30 a.m., soaring high over frozen ponds in Washington. […]

Alex Sharp

Profile: Turning scraps to treasures on Chester Gap

Cathy Wolniewicz collaborates with her husband Mike — who’s been designing, building and finishing custom furniture for nearly 30 years — to upcycle scraps of wood from furniture projects to create “spirit boxes” with fired clay tops crafted by Cathy in her pottery studio above Mike’s woodshop. […]


Whited of Washington, for Congress

At the Washington Fire Hall before about 40 local residents dressed in layers, Joe Whited, a Republican, announced his intention to run for the Fifth District congressional seat in the House of Representatives in the Nov. 8 general election. […]