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Adult Education

Jed’s Eye View: A new kind of first aid training

While traditional first aid deals with damage on the outside, such as cuts and bruises, there’s a new first aid course that deals with what may be wrong on the inside, in the mind. Mental Health First Aid Training will soon be offered in Rappahannock County. […]

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Jed’s Eye View: Shake hands

While most churches conduct services these days with half, or more, of the pews empty, folks from around this county will fill up a large mainstream house of worship for a Thanksgiving service this morning, as they have been doing for a half-century or more. […]

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Health and Healthcare

Where’s my home?

There are too many children in foster care in Rappahannock, writes Jed Duvall — or worse, as some aren’t even fortunate enough to have that option. […]

Ben Hudson

Blue State Bluegrass Brunch

Say Rappahannock heidi-ho and here we go!The Brunch is now four years in a row! We’ll crank up the music and set out the foodTo make sure folks are in a good mood. At Washington […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hoofing it  

Given all the news about the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, perhaps Rappahannock County should stir up similar excitement and tourist trade. Given that most of our people who would join in such […]

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Health and Healthcare

Letter: How do we say this? 

The fire departments and rescue squads of Rappahannock County, all operated by volunteers, are more hard-pressed than ever for funds. The need is so great that the rescue squads are now considering charging the medical insurance of […]


County staff may pay more for coverage

If your paycheck is from Rappahannock County, you might be in for some bad news. The county’s supervisors were presented Wednesday (Sept. 5) with a proposal to overhaul health care insurances for the men and women on the county’s payroll. […]

From the Rappahannock News

Give a great cheer! Here comes a new year!

Ho! Twenty-twelve, here we come!With horns a-blarin’ and a greeter’s poem. From out here in our rolling green heavenWe bid adieu to twenty-eleven. We float this salute o’er sceptr’d hillsAnd hope you feel a holiday […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Earth Day cleanup

We had nine folks working in the wet morning on U.S. 211 on Saturday (April 23) for the Rappahannock County Democrats’ annual Earth Day cleanup project. At least one soldier carried on even though she […]