Crime & Courts

Bragg v BOS ordered to trial: ‘Time to resolve this matter,’ says judge

Last Thursday, Judge Parker heard a list of outstanding issues that needed to be resolved before the case — which he said has dragged out for two years — goes to trial. County Attorney Art Goff and local attorney Mike Brown, both representing the BOS, argued that several points made by Bragg should be dismissed because they were irrelevant or invalid. Bragg’s attorney, David Konick, argued successfully that the allegations had merit. […]

Public Safety

Rappahannock floodplain maps updated

FEMA representatives will meet with county officials in September to discuss the revised flood hazard information, ordinance adoption, and other frequently asked questions and concerns. After that, citizens will have several months to review the updated maps and appeal any information they feel is inaccurate. […]


Integrity of county board member questioned after crude written comment made public

The integrity of a Rappahannock County government official who wrote to a Reva resident to “Go [expletive] yourself and mind your own damn business” was questioned by both a county citizen and supervisor during Monday afternoon’s standing-room-only meeting of the Board of Supervisors. […]


Hallberg set to make beautiful music at Sperryville dulcimer museum

Hallberg, 53, of Jenkins Hollow in Sperryville, had never played the dulcimer before then, but easily got hooked. He’s never taken lessons, but says the dulcimer is easy to learn to play and he’s learned to play by ear. Twenty years later he owns what he calls one of the world’s best collections of Appalachian dulcimers, numbering more than 60 instruments. […]

Land Use/Zoning

Sperryville mural war paints complicated picture before BZA

The BZA this past week expanded its investigation with these questions: Is the BZA a tribunal? What is a legal conclusion and what is a fact? In the absence of clear filing instructions, with whom should a notice of appeal be filed? When is a notice of appeal a pleading? And should the company’s owner, Robert Archer, go to jail. […]

Land Use/Zoning

Bird flips on Courthouse Row

About 3-hours and 30-minutes into the most recent Rappahannock County Planning Commission meeting, an extraordinary thing happened: Hampton planner Al Henry interrupted the discussion to accuse an attendee of giving him the middle finger salute. […]