Crime & Courts

Two arraigned for racing on 211

In Rappahannock District Court Tuesday (Jan. 5) Judge J. Gregory Ashwell presided over a diverse docket of charges including high-speed racing, assault and battery, marijuana and underage alcohol possession, and DWI, among others. […]

Crime & Courts

Grand larceny sentence in circuit court

In Rappahannock County Circuit Court Dec. 3, a 24-year-old Fredericksburg woman was sentenced to three years in jail (all suspended), and two years of supervised probation, after pleading guilty to grand larceny and other charges. […]

School/Education News

Schools’ iffy phone system is back online

It looks like for now the phones are working again at the Rappahannock County Public Schools. Fingers crossed that there will be no more dead lines, no more after-hours greetings heard by callers in the middle of the day and no further offers of a cruise to the Bahamas (more about that later). […]


Habitat for Humanity to build in Huntly

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity (FHFH) was recently awarded $12,000 from the Richard Lykes Foundation that FHFH Executive Director Brenda Drerenberger says will go toward the approximately $80,000 needed to fund a new house to be built in Huntly. […]

Crime & Courts

Sentences in driving offenses

In Rappahannock County District Court last Tuesday (Oct. 20), Nathan Raymond Burke, 43, of Washington, originally charged with a failure to stop after an accident (a felony) and a second incidence of DWI, pleaded guilty to amended sentences of misdemeanor failure to stop after an accident and misdemeanor reckless driving. […]

Crime & Courts

In circuit court: reckless driving, pornography cases continued

Rajesh Patil, 26, of Haymarket, appeared in district court Tuesday in a neck brace and on crutches. He was arraigned on a felony charge of eluding/disregarding police and two misdemeanor charges of general reckless driving and reckless driving at speeds in excess of 80 to 130 mph that resulted in a motorcycle accident causing serious injuries to himself and a passenger. […]

Crime & Courts

Former fire chief sentenced for sexual battery

Eric Alvin Phillips, a 29-year-old Flint Hill resident who last year served as chief of the Flint Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, was sentenced in Rappahannock county Juvenile and Domestic Relations court on six charges of misdemeanor sexual battery. […]

Crime & Courts

Rangers rooting out ginseng poachers

Shenandoah National Park rangers have cited 28 poachers this year alone, including a number in recent weeks, in a crackdown on those who illegally harvest wild ginseng root, treasured for its medicinal qualities. […]