Letter: Great greens gratitude

Every year since 1954, members of the Rappahannock Garden Club have expressed their thanks to the whole community for their successful sale of wreaths, garland, centerpieces, swags and other assorted Christmas greenery that, while beautifying […]

Castleton’s Twinbrooks is open to light and air on all four levels.
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Grand, dramatic, cozy: the 2014 tour

This year, Trinity Episcopal Church will do what it has been doing for 57 previous years — host the House Tour and Dried Flower Sale (Oct. 18-19) to raise monies for its local, state and national charities. […]

Rappahannock Garden Club volunteers put the finishing touches on holiday greens during a recent early-December session at the Washington fire hall.
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Local, fresh, organic: the Garden Club’s 50-year tradition

What words do you use to describe the best purchases you can make? Do the words “local,” “fresh,” “organic” and “natural” come to mind? If so, would “not overpriced” and “not made by exploited workers” be on your list? Here’s a story that uses all those words and more. […]

Living space at Swan Lake includes a red leather sofa and an antique Portuguese fireplace. Courtesy photo.

A place where swans, and friends, are welcome

The newest house on the tour this year is Swan Lake Farm, a 13-year project of owner Lynn Sullivan, who has lived part time in Washington for the past 25 years. She first built the blue barn for her horses and now delights in the open spaces and sweeping views of her finished home. […]

The center of the one-room studio-home of Ruthie Windsor-Mann functions as a living room. Photo courtesy F&E Schmidt Photography.

Using space artistically at Little Windbury

What comes first for an artist, the studio or the house? That question was never really asked of Ruthie Windsor-Mann, but it’s been answered nonetheless — the artist’s studio is completely built, the house site is empty so far and the studio is doing double duty as both. […]

Lynn Sullivan’s Swan Lake Farm was built to take advantages of the open spaces and sweeping views on Rediviva Lane. Photos by Ruthie Windsor-Mann.

Flowers drying, houses set for 58th tour 

The 58th annual Dried Flower Sale and House Tour, sponsored by Washington’s Trinity Episcopal Church is set for Oct. 19-20. This annual event raises money for local, national and international charities, and has been a feature of the autumn season in Rappahannock County since it began in 1955. […]

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Woodlawn’s history trip

This is the last of three articles about the 56th annual Trinity Episcopal Church Dried Flower Sale and House Tour (Oct. 20-21), focusing on Woodlawn, the oldest house on the tour. […]