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Housing market is improving

The housing market is showing signs nationally it’s coming back to life and it’s stirring a bit in Rappahannock County, too. “Rappahannock County is definitely a much smaller market. There are not as many properties […]

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First AT&T cell tower planned

An AT&T application to build a 199-foot cell phone tower in Boston holds the promise of better service for wireless customers in Rappahannock County.

In addition to AT&T’s service, which includes its exclusive right to sell Apple’s popular iPhone service, the proposed tower off U.S. 522 is designed to accommodate other cell phone service and wireless broadband providers as well. The only cell provider currently operating towers in Rappahannock County is Sprint, which has built seven. […]

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School/Education News

Rapp schools to take on the bully

An anti-bullying program will be developed and put in place in the Rappahannock County public schools by the end of January. It was proposed by Superintendent Aldridge A. Boone, who said the program met with […]


County seeks drought relief status

Rappahannock County could be designated a drought disaster area by the state, making its farmers eligible for compensation. The county Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution at its monthly meeting Sept. 8 at the […]

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Signs of life — and some strife

The real estate market continues to struggle nationally, and while Rappahannock County isn’t immune from the forces that have kept that sector of the economy from bouncing back, there are some differences here. “Real estate […]


No big waves

An assessment of waterways throughout the state has found that water quality in Rappahannock County is about the same as it was two years ago. The 2010 draft report released Monday by the Virginia Department […]


Miller’s deeds helped to make Rappahannock what it is today

Ask anyone who’s been around Rappahannock County for 30 or more years how the county has managed to maintain its rural and scenic character when other nearby counties have not and the name Newbill Miller comes up.

From his perch on the county planning commission he helped put into place the standards that thwarted the type of sprawl that has been seen elsewhere in Northern Virginia. And he apparently managed to do it in a gentlemanly way. Those who know him speak of him as being evenhanded and willing to hear out the other side. […]


Tourist home proposal draws support, raises eyebrows

Steve Ray and Andrea Wooten have found themselves in the position of a lot of folks trying to sell a home. It’s just not happening right now in the current economic climate.

Desiring to move out of their home at 418 Mount Salem Ave. in Washington but not wanting to leave it vacant or renting it long term, they came up with the idea of renting it out as a “tourist home” on a nightly or weekly basis. […]


Castleton: The shows go on, with locals’ help

Pulling off a music series like the 2010 Castleton Festival takes the work of a lot of helping hands both behind the scenes and in front.
The music festival is in its second year. It features performances by a 200-member company of young artists under the guidance of conductor Lorin Maazel. This year’s festival includes performances of works by Puccini, Britten and Stravinski, among others. […]