Tom Garrett vs. who?

Garrett added, “I am humbled to accept the Republican Party’s nomination as their candidate for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. I will continue to work for the 5th District in D.C. and am confident the voters of the 5th district will re-elect me this November.” […]

Public Safety

How not to hit a deer with your car

While there are no exact figures, there are about 1.5 million accidents with deer each year in the United States. The leading cause of human injuries and death is when the motorist swerves to avoid striking the deer. […]

Fire and Rescue

Missing in Rappahannock: young volunteer firefighters

The bill would allow Virginia teenagers, starting at age 16, to become members of volunteer fire and rescue squads, so long as they participate in non-hazardous activities. Beyond that, more dangerous firefighting duties would require both parental consent and proper certification. […]


Pocket guide to Rappahannock County government

While there are hundreds of pages of Rappahannock County and Commonwealth of Virginia regulations and codes that public officials must — but sometimes don’t — abide by, the most pertinent procedural rules as they affect the function of the Rappahannock County government have been compiled here by the Rappahannock News. […]



The Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office said it was inundated with phone calls early yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon around 1:45 p.m., with concerned citizens reporting a “huge” explosion. […]