The Old Lion turns 60

Here in Rappahannock, another important event occurred that year. One of the more underappreciated forces in the county was chartered — the Rappahannock Lions Club. Back then, it was a group of men who pooled their resources to do as a group those things which they couldn’t do by themselves. […]


Red, white and blue is everywhere

Wherever it’s celebrated in the U.S. of A., the Fourth is a unifying holiday. It’s a day to count our blessings, including the privilege of living here in the “Jewel of Virginia.” So…Happy Fortha Joo-lye! Strike up the band! […]

Photo by Dennis Brack
Foothills Forum

Opinion: ‘The voice of the people’

The Foothills Forum survey’s headlines: We love this place. We value our privacy. We like our services. We’re more disposed to change than you might have heard. And with nearly 1,400 households responding, a rate more than doubling expectations, all manner of interests now have real numbers to back their causes. […]

Foothills Forum

Foothills is (again) a tax-exempt charity

The good folks involved with Foothills Forum got an early Christmas present this week from none other than the Internal Revenue Service.

In a letter dated Dec. 17, the IRS let us know they’ve determined Foothills Forum qualifies once again as a tax-exempt public charity. […]

Foothills Forum
Foothills Forum

The people speak — thoughtfully

They spoke, and we listened. From Amissville to Sperryville, from Chester Gap to Scrabble, the people of Rappahannock County spoke to the Foothills Forum through the month of May. Their messages are clear, and we have a starting point for what folks are thinking. […]

Debut Rappahannock novelist Larry “Bud” Meyer speaks May 9 at the library.

Fracking: Too close to home

Larry “Bud” Meyer, RAAC’s featured speaker at the library this Friday at 8, notes that news of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is starting to come awfully close to home. […]


Driving out (or holding off) the invaders 

The enemy goes by deceptively pleasing names: Tree of heaven, autumn olive, mile-a-minute, multiflora rose, wineberry . . . but in the war on invasive species, harsher terms describe what it takes: Hack and squirt. Kill it first. Go after the females. Manage the big thugs. Burn the field. […]