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Hunting and Fishing

Letter: The ‘Duhhh’ factor

It is difficult not to sympathize with Mr. Brady [“Clark Hollow Ramblings,” Feb. 23]. He presents himself as such a beleaguered soul. Hunting in itself is not a problem. Who said it was? The issue being […]


Letter: Ned Ludd or Thomas Hobbes?

Desperately clinging to yesteryear’s outmoded cell phone tower technology while not taking advantage of the latest voice-data transmission science afforded in the extraordinary innovations of geostatic satellite technology is a strange place from which to […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tower of Babel

Here we go again. Every eight years like a biblical plague come the cell phone drones. The same old arguments dusted off and tried again. Like a bad horror film the corpse of the cell […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: The best of all possible worlds

It is at my own hazard that I cross pens with the Duke of Sperryville, but being as this is Rappahannock County where the tradition of Virginia’s colorful eccentrics lives on, I’ll take another stab […]

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Opinion Column

Drowned by the tide of ‘progress’

I remember a time when most of America looked like Rappahannock County. Oh, there were differences of course — the kind that come with regions, climate and architectural influences — but what was similar was the quality of rural life, small towns and the human scale of Main Street USA. Since that time significant economic and demographic changes have altered the landscape: the explosive growth of suburbs and the encroachment of exurbia creating mega-cities with their insatiable appetite for consuming farmland and open-space. As early as the 1960s parents were taking their children to make-believe main streets at Disneyland or Disneyworld, to rediscover the main streets they remembered from their own youth and which were disappearing with every passing day. […]


Stirring up the hornet’s nest

Judging from the reaction in the major media to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s reinstatement of Confederate History month, the starry cross of the Confederacy remains America’s most controversial icon. […]

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Affordable housing?

In your last edition, Chris Moyles [“Spirited Debate,” March 25] makes an assertion that a home in Rappahannock priced at $139,000 is beyond the reach of workers earning less than $14 an hour. He then […]