The Unpaved Roadshow: Trivets Are Hot Collectibles

Trivets, widely used in the 17th century, were mostly made of cast iron and were needed in the home for multiple daily household tasks. They likely had three legs attached to a circular plate with a strengthening stretcher between the legs, which is probably why they were also known as “spiders,” for when a pan was removed, the three legs resembled a spider. […]


Windsor chairs: The Democratic Seat

The Windsor chair’s popularity was derived partly out of its association with the Founding Fathers – Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin all owned them – and partly because the chairs were easy to manufacture. […]


Collecting the artwork of children

A middle or upper-class girl was expected to grow up, get married, have children, and take care of a home. Proficiency with needle and thread was not a hobby back then, it was a necessity. As part of her preparation for the responsibility of sewing clothes and linens for her future family, most girls completed at least two samplers. […]


Salt Boxes: Essential Yet Rarely Noticed

All through history, the availability of salt has been a pivotal part of civilization. Salt has been revered as a seasoning that adds depth and complexity to a variety of culinary creations and will likely figure in many a delicious Thanksgiving meal. […]


Wood Screws: Why do we care?

Buyers should be aware that hand finished screws in a piece of furniture may not be the original. One clue is to look at the slot in the head. In the early 1800’s, screws were hammered into their shape by a blacksmith. […]


Bible Boxes held more than bibles

Bibles held great value to a family and could be kept in a nicely carved, locked box away from critters and sticky hands. Many of the bibles owned in America during the 1800s were quite large and the early boxes were large enough to house them. […]

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The Very Romantic Month of February

Love messages span the centuries, and are interwoven with culture and history creating a touching view of actual people and their sentimental values. They provide insights into the concept of love and romance in different historical periods. […]