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New reality for Rapp schools signals need for social worker

For those who might question the need for a social worker, Dr. Grimsley said it would fill a role necessitated by a disturbing new reality for even small rural school districts.“ We’re seeing more issues extending from the increase of students living in poverty,” she said. “We see more issues of substance abuse, neglect, homelessness. Things that we haven’t really encountered too much before.” […]

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CCLC looks to broaden children, family reach

Rappahannock’s population trends have not been good news for the Child Care and Learning Center (CCLC). In fact, there have been times in recent years when the nonprofit, which has been providing day care and education for young kids in the county since the 1970s, has faced the prospect of shutting down because it didn’t seem it would be able to sustain the enrollment needed to keep operating. […]

Doing Good Together

‘A Community Thing’

In Rappahannock, the challenge of charity is finding ways to help others while avoiding cultural fault lines. A three-part special report from The Rappahannock News and Foothills Forum. […]

Doing Good Together

On a Mission

Part two of the special report, “Doing Good Together:” As the county’s demographics and economy evolve, nonprofits like Rappahannock Benevolent Fund and the Child Care Learning Center are looking at what that means to their missions and how they can adjust. […]

Work In Progress

Turning the Land

Some farmers see agritourism as financial salvation. Others see it as a buzzword. Part four of a four-part series of a Foothills Forum and Rappahannock News feature on the county’s economy: past, present and future. […]

Work In Progress

Connecting Farmers to Local Markets

Farmers who want to stay focused on traditional agriculture have their own challenges when it comes to earning a living. One of the bigger ones is gaining direct access to local markets and consumers. That’s where their profit margins can be healthier than selling their products in the commodities market, where they have no control on price. […]

Work In Progress

A Balancing Act

As Rappahannock ages and farmers struggle, where does business — particularly tourism — fit into the economic mix? Part three of a four-part series of a Foothills Forum and Rappahannock News feature on the county’s economy: past, present and future. […]

Work In Progress

Taking Care of Business

Businesses of Rappahannock surveyed its 188 members in June and asked two questions: • What is the biggest challenge in sustaining your business? • Does the local business community need to play a bigger role in shaping Rappahannock’s future? […]

Work In Progress

A Fraught Future?

Farming in Rappahannock is going through a transition. What challenges does the community face in holding on to its agricultural core? Part two of a four-part series of a Foothills Forum and Rappahannock News feature on the county’s economy: past, present and future. […]


Schools, library plan major internet upgrade

In addition to the library, elementary school, high school and school district’s administration building, the enhanced broadband service will also be provided to the Visitors Center, next door to the library. The building’s second floor is now home to the county administrator’s office. […]

Going Nowhere

Gary Ford, wheelman

Almost all the drivers who provide rides to Rappahannock residents do so in their own cars. Gary Ford takes a different approach. He does the driving, but he uses his passengers’ cars. In fact, he’s turned it into a business […]

Going Nowhere

What about driverless cars?

The state of Virginia has tried to ensure that it doesn’t miss the AV wave by designating Virginia Automated Corridors — roads open for autonomous test drives. But these are major highways, such as I-66 and I-95 […]

Going Nowhere

Country roads

Slightly fewer than three-quarters of the 851 students at the county’s two schools ride the buses. Just under 40 percent are picked up by six buses serving Chester Gap and Amissville. So, 10 buses are needed to transport kids in the rest of the county. […]

A Troubling Diagnosis

No opioid deaths here yet

In this region, some communities have been hit hard. Fauquier County set a disturbing record in 2016, with 22 deaths tied to drug overdoses. So far, Rappahannock County has been able to avoid the grim statistics. […]