Letters to the Editor

Prefers a tree tower

I’d like to register my opposition to the cell tower proposal in the Woodville/Sperryville corridor. Along with Massies Corner there is no more sensitive view shed in our county. A fake tree at the edge of the woods would be far more preferable but I’d bet CWS is all about profits and less than sensitive to our scenic vistas. […]


‘We need more supply’

Rappahannock has successfully, in the last 30 years, with the 25-acre minimum, eliminated the possibility for most middle class families to locate in the county. They can afford the 3-4 bedroom home, but not the 25 acres to put it on. Plus, does everybody need or want 25 acres? […]


Annual mountain greeting

“Looky what’s popping in the mountains right now,” writes Jimmie DeBergh of Harris Hollow, referring of course to these beautiful Pink Lady’s Slippers. “Since first discovering them years ago, I now have seven that greet me around the 10th [of May] every year. […]


Rappahannock runway

More than 50 Rappahannock ladies enjoyed a fabulous fashion show at Washington’s Quievremont Winery, courtesy of Charlotte’s Clothing Store of Culpeper. The models were all from the Ladies Lunch Bunch, a group in excess of 300 and growing — farmers, stay-at-home moms, shopkeepers, retirees, women of all backgrounds. […]


Turtle time in Rappahannock

At this time of year, female turtles are on the move to locate suitable sites for laying their eggs. As a result, they often approach and try to cross roads, putting them in great danger of being hit by vehicles. One of the saddest consequences of a female turtle being killed is the lasting effect it can have on the future population of turtles in our area. […]

School/Education News

School news for May 16

Six players from the RCHS Scholastic Bowl team recently competed in the Small Schools National Competition Tournament held in Chicago; the Rappahannock Lions Club recently awarded seven $1000 scholarship grants to graduating Rappahannock High School seniors; The WCDS Middle School Choir, Class A placed second at Music in the Parks. […]

The Rapp

The Rapp for May 16

Meredith Battle’s fact-based “Go Down the Mountain,” has reached bestseller status in just weeks; local artist Joan Wiberg is showing her “impressions of fleeting moments” at Middle Street Gallery in Washington only through May 24; and writer Nancy Bauer has doubled the print run for her just-released Virginia Wine Travel Journal 2019. […]

Meetings and Notices

Meetings and Notices for May 16

Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, May 18, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Quièvremont Winery, 162 Gid Brown Hollow Rd. Wannabe members can join at the meeting. An informative and fun evening. Keynote presentation: Garrey Curry, County Administrator, will address how the Comprehensive Plan fits into the ordinance, zoning, and enforcement processes of the county. […]

Letters to the Editor

AARP-Virginia — plain and simple

With over 1000 members in Rappahannock County, AARP is actively working with a variety of organizations in the county to address wide-ranging social issues and concerns including housing and livability, hunger, social isolation, wellness and health security, financial stability, and personal fulfillment. […]


A solution in search of a problem

Everyone wants to pay lip service to the idea that we should somehow have a ‘viable’ community that offers housing to those two professions at the very least, if not everyone else. But no one has ever taken the time to investigate whether or not we already have such a community. The truth is we do. We have a viable and thriving housing market at all market segments. […]


Mother’s Day gifts

My mom loved her gardens and had the most beautiful backyard, a mosaic of color and texture with new life emerging throughout the spring, summer and fall. She wasn’t a religious woman but she found her connection to God through nature. Tending to her gardens with her hands in the soil was an act of love and worship for her. It was her meditation. […]


Godspeed, Dr. Bob

During the years 1981 through 1983 I roamed the same Rappahannock County High School hallways with Dr. Robert Chappell, although I did my best to steer clear of him. You see Dr. Bob was not always the gentle ‘grandfatherly type’ we all came to know and love. […]