School/Education News

Teamwork inspiration

This was one of the best trips I’ve experienced,” said 4th grade teacher Amanda Hoffman after watching students work together to solve not only physical challenges but also mental tasks. “One such challenge involved students stacking tires. […]

Letters to the Editor

It takes a village

Enormous thanks to everyone who made Halloween in Sperryville happen this year. After years of worrying about traffic and our little trick-or-treaters, Wednesday evening was safe, relaxing and tons of fun for the whole community. […]


No ‘Corey who?’ in Rappahannock

Rappahannock County voters, on the other hand, weren’t shy about showing their support for the controversial candidate from nearby Prince William County. Take residents of Chester Gap, where 232 voters — in this case 71 percent — supported Stewart. Just 87 of Chester Gap poll goers — 26 percent — preferred Kaine. […]


Two close calls at Ben Venue

This lucky motorist standing in front of his overturned car on a slippery Ben Venue Road had quite the wake-up call last Friday morning at 9:30, but otherwise was uninjured. Just a short distance away, at the intersection of Ben Venue Road and Route 211 shortly before 7 p.m. Monday, former Rappahannock County Emergency Services Coordinator Art Candenquist suffered lacerations and bruises after his 1995 Chevy Blazer was struck by another vehicle. […]


Rapp’s own meteorologist

Bob Ryan, noted meteorologist and Rappahannock neighbor, takes questions after the RappU course he led on Sunday. Ryan spoke to a rapt audience on “Weather and Climate, or Is It Climate and Weather, or Both?” at the RappU classroom at the Sperryville Schoolhouse. […]


Building bridges

Both sides offer valid perceptions of this question. But does this issue represent a deeper question in our community? Does it illustrate the search for an answer of how to remain the same, how to keep the charm of Rappahannock and not stagnate from lack of growth . . . how to integrate the old with the new? […]

Meetings and Notices

Meetings and Notices for Nov. 8

The Rappahannock County Water & Sewer Authority (RCWSA) meets at 5:30 p.m. this evening, Thursday, Nov. 8, in the Town Hall, 485 Gay Street, Washington; and Town of Washington’s Town Council meets Monday, Nov. 12, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall. Agenda includes consideration of policy relating to disposition of a Stub Street, and task force committee updates. […]