A summer of stories, lessons and the power of listening

And so I’ve come back a few times to Rappahannock because it’s not a place with just one story. It’s not just a place of come-heres and been-heres, or even, really, a place with people that embrace those labels. It’s a place that is dynamic and ever changing, a place with people who are fighting for its future in their own way and recognize the importance of that change. […]

School/Education News

County seeks funding for alternative Head Start program after sudden funding cut

Rappahannock public school officials are working with the Child Care Learning Center and the department of social services on an alternative for children impacted by the loss of Head Start, a federally funded early childhood education program that had its funding cut suddenly just before the start of the school year. […]

Work In Progress

Nelson finds a niche

Nelson County has looks to tourism for revitalization and to boost revenues. In doing so it has emphasized the county’s attractions while seeking to preserve its natural beauty. Is it a way forward for Rappahannock? Part of a Foothills Forum/Rappahannock News series on the county’s economic past, present and future. […]


Co-op remains at Rappahannock’s core

The store has thrived in large part because it has evolved to suit changing times. Today, it tells the story of a county where a growing proportion of residents work elsewhere or are urban transplants and the average farm is about half as big as it was 50 years ago. […]

Work In Progress

The struggle to stay

Some call it the Rappahannock Hustle, and many younger residents do it as a means to work and stay in the county. Part of a Foothills Forum/Rappahannock News series on the county’s economic past, present and future. […]

Work In Progress

An anomaly for his time

Like many residents of Rappahannock who’ve overcome social and economic upheaval, Engham’s success owes much to his ingenuity and inventiveness. That’s something Russell, an author and former resident who sought to document the stories of African-Americans in Rappahannock from the time of slavery. […]

Fire and Rescue

Through her commitment, young EMS captain aims for change

Calls come in unexpectedly and someone always needs to be at the ready — for anything. The not knowing used to be the hardest part about the job for volunteer Angelica Vittitow, the 25-year-old captain of Chester Gap’s emergency medical service (EMS). The greater challenge for her now, perhaps, is finding a way to make a job she does out of devotion to her community into a career. […]

Youth Programs

Plowing the way forward

Through the 4H projects, kids learn to track feed amounts and outlays, calculate monthly costs and monitor market values for livestock. The goal is to learn about budgeting and money management as well as how much work and expense farming involves. […]

Land Use/Zoning

BOS approves tower lease for public safety paging system

In a letter, CWS declined the request, saying it chose that specific location to “maximize elevation, avoid sloping terrain and facilitate access to the tower compound.” The company, which already has a ground lease for the spot, also noted that it has spent “significant” time and money to determine the site’s viability. […]

Work In Progress

Picturing America

Lange’s most recognized portrait is “Migrant Mother,” taken at a temporary camp in California. But Lange and other notable photographers came to capture Rappahannock County in the Depression for the Farm Security Administration. […]


A trying time for wine

He’s worked in vineyards and Ontario, Ohio and recently returned from Napa, where grapes grow well but are increasingly threatened by excessive heat. Despite the challenges, he believes Virginia holds a lot of potential for winemakers. […]


New gym aims to energize Rappahannock

Scores of people turned out for the grand opening in late April of Stonewall Abbey Wellness center in Sperryville. The crowd was validation to owners Susan Huff and Gordon Wicks that a full-service gym was something Rappahannock wanted. […]

Health and Healthcare

Nurse aide training offers path into health care

Ashlyn Connelly knew from a young age that she wanted to work in health care. Her mother is a nurse and she still remembers the look on her face when she came home after a hard day on the job. Rather than be dissuaded, Connelly learned from that experience the importance of connecting with people — and she hasn’t forgotten it. […]

The Rapp

The Rapp for June 21

Local realtor Woodard nominated; killer Hogweed leads to hysteria; former planning commission member gives keynote address as State Trooper superintendent; Castleton has a bumper lineup including acts from Holland; Madagascar and Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir […]