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Stop the bleeding

Once again blood has been shed. Fifty innocent lives and counting. When is America going to wake up? This is being written from England, a country of very few handgun fatalities and assault-weapon massacres. Not […]

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A ‘deeply involved’ director

Emmy Award winner Paul Wagner will be a special guest at April’s RAAC film festival Academy Award-winning independent filmmaker Paul Wagner, who has produced and directed more than 40 documentary and dramatic films, will be […]

By Abby Hopper

Schoolhouse Nine is in session

The air was thick with not only humidity but also anticipation for the first day of play at Sperryville’s new and much-talked-about nine-hole, par-three Schoolhouse Nine Golf Course last Saturday. […]

Ruthie Windsor-Mann’s “Odd Man In” is just one of her “nest obsession” series on display during this year’s art tour.
From the Rappahannock News

Through the Tiger Valley looking glass

In a conversation with Ruthie Windsor-Mann, her artistic energy is palpable. The charming, genteel artist is happily slated for her first appearance in the Rappahannock Association for the Arts and the Community’s upcoming 10th annual studio and gallery tour Nov. 1-2. […]

These blood-red silhouettes, as well as bright purple memorial ribbons, adorn a sycamore outside the county library, standing as a memorial for all those affected by domestic violence. Photo by Megan S. Smith.
Adult Education

Learning to stay SAFE from abuse

Every five days, a Virginian is killed by an intimate partner. The incidence for domestic violence in Rappahannock County is equally staggering: 100 or more of its approximate 7,500 citizens most likely face abuse by a loved one each year, equating to roughly 1.33 percent of its population. […]

Kerrie and Tom Mullany pose amid the works in progress at their Studio School in Flint Hill, where Tom Mullany’s work makes its debut on RAAC’s annual Studio and Gallery Tour Nov. 2-3. Photo by Megan S. Smith.

Fully schooled, and fired-up, for November’s artist tour

RAAC welcomes one new host artist (and many returning) in this year’s ninth annual Studio and Gallery Tour Nov. 2-3. Flint Hill artists Tom and Kerrie Mullany are opening the doors to “The Studio School” for the first time, while potter Lynne Horning fires up her kiln and returns to the tour. […]

Many ticks carry Lyme disease, though some experts still insist the disease "doesn't exist" in Virginia.
From the Rappahannock News

County’s Lyme cases fourth-highest in state  

Preliminary data released by the Virginia Department of Health confirmed Lyme disease for 2011 in Rappahannock County totaled only four cases. But the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently acknowledged underreporting of Lyme by at least ten-fold over past figures. […]

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Health and Healthcare

Sickened by a disease that ‘doesn’t exist’: Lyme

Intuitively, Megan Smith knew she had Lyme disease. In late 2006, after suffering for weeks with flu-like symptoms and a bizarre intermittent low-grade fever, she visited her highly regarded Northern Virginia doctor and told him what she suspected. “Lyme doesn’t exist in Virginia,” he replied, confidently. […]

Cliff Miller’s recently renovated dairy barn serves as the new headquarters for this year’s Taste of Rappahannock. Courtesy photo.

The new ‘Taste’ sensations

For the Taste of Rappahannock this year: a new place, a new time and some new faces. This Sept. 7, the Headwaters Foundation’s 16th annual fundraiser, for many the social charity event of the year, moves to the 95-year-old gambrel-roofed former dairy barn at Mount Vernon Farm in Sperryville. […]