The view from the patio and pergola of The King Mountain House in Washington.

Homes away from home

Because of the county’s rural nature, tourists might think they have to seek lodging in a motel in another county. But nestled inconspicuously among the fields are vacation rental homes and B&Bs that offer something no motel can — a true taste of Rappahannock County living. […]

Roy and Janet Alther pose with one of their signature pies ordered earlier that day (in this case, cherry). They plan to continue operating the store until old age forces their retirement.

Roy’s Orchard: A farm store with more

At first glance, it looks like a normal orchard and farm, complete with a split-level home surrounded by numerous outbuildings, perched at the top of a hill. But at the end is an eclectic wonderland with hundreds of items one would expect in an orchard and farm store — and hundreds one wouldn’t. […]

From the Rappahannock News

Rappahannock realtor dreams up a pet stretcher

The idea came to her while she slept. In her dream a portable stretcher unfolded and refolded in front of her. That was the extent of the dream, said Trish Bartholomew, creator of Madison’s Stretcher Pack, a portable transport system for dogs. […]

Jesse Straight leads visitors on a tour of Whiffletree Farm. He and his wife Liz have been farming since 2009. Photo by Kay Beatty.

The pasture-powered network

Family farming can be an isolating vocation, as chores begin at sunrise and end at sunset — or later, if there are sick or birthing animals to tend to. It’s also a challenging vocation as farmers work to keep their animals and pastures healthy while making a profit. […]

Food Pantry

Hunger relief, delivered by backpack

Americans who watch the news are probably aware of the child obesity epidemic facing the nation. What they might not know is that intermingled within the obesity epidemic, and standing alone as its own problem, is child hunger. Rappahannock’s new BackPack program aims to help stop that. […]


Life after 50: It works in Rappahannock

For many people, the thought of getting older sparks fears of potential job discrimination, retirement uncertainty, as well as aches and pains. But for three part-time Rappahannock County residents, getting older is an exciting process that opens up many new opportunities. […]

Food and Drink

Preserving food, preserving traditions

There are lots of tasty foods at Sylvie Rowand’s home in Harris Hollow. Though she has to buy such items as coffee and olive oil from other regions, most of the food Rowand utilizes comes straight from her farm, from neighboring farms and orchards, and from the wild, just like in the days before gasoline and supermarkets. […]


Church reborn as a house with history

Constructed in 1892, Piedmont Baptist Church was the place of worship for most people who lived in Jenkins Hollow. But by the late 1980s it was dormant and forgotten, its foundation wavering, ceiling sagging and paint peeling. Now, Piedmont Baptist Church looks vibrant again. Completely renovated, the church is ready for people, but this time it’s ready for people who want to live there. […]


Homing in on Rappahannock

A visit with the doves that Mark and Liz Rhein keep on their nine-acre Cornucopia Farm in Washington — and release regularly at the request of clients across Northern Virginia. […]


Castleton’s ATV champion

From time to time, Rappahannock County residents might see a man, American flag in hand, sitting on a horse at Massies Corner or riding the same horse in the Sperryville and Flint Hill parades. They […]