International sculptor joins artists tour

If you are looking for sculpture that expresses the soul, look no further than the Main Street, Washington studio of Lisbeth Sabol. Sabol and her studio mate, Robert — a green Amazon parrot — will greet visitors as one of the new artists on the Nov. 7-8 Artists of Rappahannock Studio & Gallery Tour. […]

Printmaker Maggie Rogers’ eye-catching designs utilize the complex 15th century “intaglio” process.

Three artists, three mediums

Interested in finding out how an artist finds passion in different mediums? Then you’ll want to visit the studios of Linda Tarry, Hans Gerhard and Margaret “Maggie” Rogers during the 10th annual Artists of Rappahannock Open Studio and Gallery Tour (Nov. 1-2). […]

Photographer Matthew Black is working on a new series that grew out of powerful archetypal dreams.

Artists explore dreams and inner music

When you visit the shared studio of Matthew Black and Darien Reece on Fletchers Mill Road, you will find a special space. Located in a wild flower field, it is used in many creative ways: for photography, painting, sculpture, meditation and movement classes. […]

Painter Benita Rauda Gowen returns to the RAAC studio and gallery tour this Nov. 1-2.
From the Rappahannock News

Potter, painter, more: Back on the tour

In addition to the new artists on the Rappahannock Artists and Gallery tour this year (Nov. 1-2), several popular Rappahannock artists will be returning, including painter Benita Rauda Gowen and potter Susan Dienelt, who’s hosting guest artists Jeanne Drevas and Davette Leonard. […]