The Land, a Plan, a Future.

Part one of a Rappahannock News – Foothills Forum Special Report: As the county prepares to adopt minor changes to its Comprehensive Plan, major challenges remain to the delicate balance that keeps Rappahannock unique. […]

Dennis Brack

Foothills Forum Survey, Part Three: Frozen in time?

Folks who’ve never stepped foot in Rappahannock may have seen it. In nighttime photos taken from space, the county is one of those few, conspicuous dark spots amid a blaze of yellow lights illuminating the East Coast from Miami to Maine. Just about everyone wants to keep it that way. […]

Dennis Brack

Foothills Forum Survey: Life in the Jewel of Virginia

An unprecedented survey mailed to every household in Rappahannock County found that respondents treasure the beauty that surrounds them, the privacy they enjoy in one of Virginia’s least populated and unspoiled places, and the spirit of volunteerism that has neighbor helping neighbor. […]


Biz Bio: Elizabeth Blye Delaney, landscape architect

A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Architecture and with a Master in Landscape Architecture, Delaney has worked in her field since her 20s, primarily for large firms in and around the Charlottesville and Lynchburg areas. Two years ago, she made the decision to go solo and has had no regrets. […]


Straw poll stroll

As part of an ongoing effort this summer to walk all of the Main Streets in Virginia’s vast 5th Congressional District, Rep. Robert Hurt (R) spent an hour or so on Washington’s Main Street last Wednesday afternoon. […]

No Picture

On Common Ground: The Fed has no interest in seniors

Last week’s front-page story highlighted how rising property taxes in Rappahannock County are causing big problems for middle-aged and senior citizens living on fixed incomes. It doesn’t help that the Federal Reserve has no interest in seniors or savers. […]

Capital News Service

Governor praises budget’s passage

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe is praising the Republican-controlled General Assembly for passing state budget amendments that will increase funding for education and provide pay raises for teachers, state troopers and other government employees. […]


Governor outlines ‘opportunity’ agenda

In a move he said would boost the state’s economy, Gov. Terry McAuliffe is asking legislators to remove the requirement that Virginia women get an ultrasound before having an abortion and to “create a more inclusive environment for LGBT Virginians and business owners.” […]