Honeybee losses reach 60 percent

To help bolster the honeybee population, VDACS is encouraging people to become new beekeepers and existing beekeepers to add to their existing hives. In addition, border plantings of bee-friendly plants around crop fields provides needed forage, particularly in hot, dry summer months. […]


The ‘blue’ in the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains are every shade of green these waning days of May, what with all the rain of late in Rappahannock County. But it won’t be long until the sultry dog days of summer arrive, and with them the distinctive blue haze that gives these ancient mountains their famous name. […]


Attention nonprofits!

After two fruitful rounds of Community Assistance Grants in 2017, the NPCF is preparing to launch a single grant cycle in 2018. Thanks to PATH Foundation creating these grants, $250,000 will be awarded to nonprofits with emergent community needs to support a broad range of causes. […]


Down with the lights

New projects and initiatives, including encouraging more Rappahannock residents to reduce outdoor lighting and designating a “dark sky park” in the county for interpretive events, were announced at the annual meeting of the Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP) on Saturday evening. […]


PEC completes river restoration project in Rappahannock

PEC is planning additional culvert removal projects with partners over the next several years. Efforts that are currently in the works are located on Kinsey Run near Graves Mill, Bolton Branch near Huntly, and Cedar Run at the White Oak Canyon trail head in Shenandoah National Park. […]


An old land, forever young

In this respect, geology seems a lot like psychology: you seldom know what personal history lies at the heart of someone else. It could be as psychologically disruptive as tectonic plates colliding. […]


The Land, a Plan, a Future.

Part one of a Rappahannock News – Foothills Forum Special Report: As the county prepares to adopt minor changes to its Comprehensive Plan, major challenges remain to the delicate balance that keeps Rappahannock unique. […]


The Rapp for March 9

PEC’s resources for farmland seekers and landowners; the Artisan Trail’s doors are open this Saturday; this Friday at the Library, a former NASA scientist speaks on “How to Age Better and Other Space Stories.” […]


No time to die on the vine

Last Saturday was awe-inspiring, an eye opener for any person that watched in amazement or marched alongside the rainbow of humanity! I was one small part of over half a million exercising their rights to march and free speech. […]


Good news for land conservation

It’s not often I get to share good news this quickly into the Virginia General Assembly, but yesterday was one of the more surprising and rewarding days I’ve spent in Richmond. HB 1470 was tabled in subcommittee! […]