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Notice anything different?

This new, more compact format is borne from a desire to make a successful — thanks to you, our readers and advertisers — community news institution better suited to serve readers in a changing media landscape. In a world of easily swiping on smartphones, having a longer form reading experience in a more convenient and attractive format seemed like a good thing to do, for several reasons… […]

From the Rappahannock News

Rappahannock Media launches Ashburn Magazine

The Rappahannock News’s sister publication InsideNoVa, a multimedia company that covers numerous localities in Northern Virginia, has announced the launch of a new lifestyle magazine serving the Ashburn community in Loudoun County. The debut issue of Ashburn Magazine, 48 pages, will be mailed this week to thousands of residents, with additional copies available for free pickup at area stores, restaurants, offices and other locations. […]

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Wider conversation while remaining governor

We know your next three years will undergo great scrutiny by the media, opposition, and your own party the closer we get to 2020. We too will be watching to see how well, under the circumstances, you can deliver on improving the lives and opportunities for the oppressed and needy in our state. We wish you well and expect to be voices of reason and forgiveness so badly needed today in our polarized and partisan nation. […]

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PATH Foundation announces available funds

The PATH Foundation announces up to $750,000 in available funds for general operations grants for qualifying nonprofits in Rappahannock, northern Culpeper and Fauquier counties. The funds will offer unrestricted funding for nonprofits to use towards general expenses such as rent, utilities and equipment.The deadline is October 12. […]

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Wanted: Your memories

The Rappahannock News and Foothills Forum are collaborating on a four-part series about the county’s economy — past, present and future. As part of this project, we’re interested in your memories of businesses that operated in Rappahannock County through the years. […]

From the Rappahannock News

Accepting Trump, but not his policies

Mr. Klaus feels I have no standing to comment on the performance of our present president. He calls my comments “complaints.” I call them observations. I stand 100 percent behind my comments in the July 13th letter to the editor. […]

Awards and Honors

News wins Virginia Press honors

The Rappahannock News received several top awards at last weekend’s annual Virginia Press Association convention near Richmond, including being the smallest newspaper in the state recognized with a “Best in Show” honor. […]

From the Rappahannock News

School increase reduced, yearbook policy criticized

The Rappahannock County School Board dealt at its May 12 meeting with a muted rebuke by the board of supervisors — which had decided by a 3-2 vote the week before that the school division needed to to cut some $44,000 from a proposed nearly $100,000 increase in local funding of its 2015-16 budget — and listened silently to the not-so-muted rebuke of a parent who claimed her daughter’s grades were unfairly threatened last fall by policies in the high school’s Photojournalism/Yearbook course. […]

Crime & Courts

Lottery tampering case goes to grand jury

Three felony counts of tampering with Virginia Lottery scratch-off tickets while she was employed at Hillsdale Country Store near Washington were certified to the grand jury in the case against 30-year-old Shamaila Tanweer of Culpeper. […]