Clark Hollow Ramblings

Gone fishing, and . . .

I wrote an article several years ago about fishing in Canada, and received some nice phone calls from readers with similar experiences. Well, I did it again. A lot of my friends think I’m crazy […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

REC communiques give readers a jolt

I suppose by now you have seen the fliers and advertisements welcoming you as a new “owner” of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. Congratulations, all around. Pretty nice ads, don’t you think? Here is some free advice: When someone welcomes you as a new owner of something you didn’t shop for, didn’t want, didn’t buy and had no hand in deciding that you were going to be a new owner, you might want to be a wee bit skeptical.

Have you received and read your new Residential Membership Service Contract with REC? I just did, and I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

Of snipe hunts and timber doodles

Hasn’t this been a gorgeous spring? I don’t think I have ever seen the redbud trees in such splendor as they were a few weeks ago. They are always beautiful, especially alongside the dogwoods, but […]