Adult Education

The Rapp for Feb. 23

Fourth (Estate) Friday at Thornton River Grille; music by Haydn and Mozart at the Theatre’s last Smithsonian concert of the season; “J. Edgar” comes to town; an improvisation workshop. […]


The Rapp column for Dec. 29

Virginia’s First Lady awards the Castleton Festival one of her “Opportunity Seal of Approval” awards; RAAC’s Friday night movies resume Jan. 6 with “Midnight in Paris”; the Visitors Center prepares for winter hibernation. […]


More ‘Gods,” plus some generals, in Manassas Friday

When Ron Maxwell was a boy growing up in New Jersey in the 1950s, his father, John F. Maxwell, often read books to him and his younger brother dealing with American history.

To make the stories come alive, the father would also take his sons to various Colonial sites and Revolutionary War sites in the New Jersey area. […]