RAWL Dogs: Boon

Greetings! I am Boon and I am just 10 weeks old. I’m just a small ball of hair, kind of like a four-footed mop. You could roll me around the living room and, with a little tickling, I’d laugh all night long. You could have friends over and spend time guessing what heritage I might come from. Since it’s all mixed up, I become the catch-all: Rappahannock Mountain Dog. Tell you what: make up some papers and send them up to the AKC and watch them faint! […]

Chester Gap Column

New firehouse plans

A meeting has been scheduled for 2 p.m. June 6 at the Chester Gap Volunteer Fire Department’s banquet hall to discuss plans and considerations for the proposed new firehouse to be constructed. Department Vice President […]

The Rapp

The Rapp

A Tucker Hill retrospective at Caulfield Gallery; frost damages some vineyards; this year’s Rappahannock Evening View benefit has a distinctly local flavor. […]


One ‘Little Shop,’ one big hit

“Little shop, little shop of horrors . . . bop sh’bop . . . little shop of terror . . .” The mammoth undertaking of a full-length musical production surfaced in the seemingly innocent and most unlikely of places – the Rappahannock County High School auditorium!

Last weekend, in a two-night sensory extravaganza (May 7-8), the RCHS drama club collaborated to produce Howard Ashman’s and Alan Menken’s classic, “Little Shop of Horrors.” […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

Of snipe hunts and timber doodles

Hasn’t this been a gorgeous spring? I don’t think I have ever seen the redbud trees in such splendor as they were a few weeks ago. They are always beautiful, especially alongside the dogwoods, but […]

Sperryville Column

Sperryville: Village’s sidewalk is lovely again

The brick sidewalk at the pedestrian bridge that was so badly damaged during the winter snows has been repaired thanks to the hard work of Nick Rustig. Special thanks go to Jerome Niessen for assigning him to our community project! As you walk by to see the great work Nick did, you may see Charles Dodson weeding or mowing . It is volunteer work such as this that helps keep our village shining! […]


RAWL Dogs: Sid

Please look again at my picture. Identify the movie star that I resemble, if you can.

Got it? My looks, and hence my name, are those of Sid in “Ice Age.” That is what movie experts in Amissville have concluded. So, I am Sid. I am a small hound, one that likes children and likes to retrieve, of all things! I am two years old and mature enough not to be flustered when you come around asking for autographs. […]

Washington Column

Washington: A legacy lives on in Rappahannock County

Our deepest sympathy goes to family of Ester Settle. Ester passed away on Monday (May 10) after a long battle with cancer. She devoted so much of her life helping others with cancer and also raising money to find a cure.
She was a loyal friend of the highest principles and values who would smile and always would listen. She loved Rappahannock County, its people and her heritage. She adored her family. […]


The Rapp

The Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department is looking for a few good underwriters to help put on its fourth annual Rappahannock County July Fourth Celebration, and the new Visitors Center is hoping to train more than a few good volunteeers on May 12. […]


Calendar: Rapp Happenings

The Rapp Happenings section lists events, generally in Rappahannock County, on a space-available basis. (The rappnews.com Web site will always list all calendar items we receive.) If your event absolutely must appear in the paper, […]


RAAC’s memorable answer to the question . . .

What’s so funny? If you attended “What’s So Funny,” the Rappahannock Association for the Arts and Community (RAAC) Theatre’s latest offering last weekend, the answer was immediately obvious. From start to finish, the production illustrated how life can be funny in both amusing and poignant ways. […]


RAWL Dogs: Jeremy

What do you get when you cross a Saint Bernard and a Boxer? Well, come over and see me, Jeremy, and you will discover that you get a big, smart, four-footed pal. One that is […]


At Ballard, some ‘Thought for Food’

An exhibition of the new work by Viviane de Kosinsky, “Thought for Food and Beyond” goes on display at the R. H. Ballard Gallery this weekend in Washington. A gallery reception, with Gadino Cellars wines and light hors d’oeuvres, is 4 to 7 Saturday (May 8) with the artist present. […]


Author, dancer Maggie Kast featured at library

On Friday, May 14, the Rappahannock Association for Arts and the Community (RAAC) welcomes author Maggie Kast as the featured program for its “Friday at the Library” series. Kast’s sister is Rappahannock resident Sally Nash. Given that connection, the author is well known here in the county and was a featured artist at a previous “Soup and Soul” event. […]


More new art shows

Ice House Gallery and Geneva Welch Gallery, both on Washington’s Main Street, join forces to present a special exhibit entitled “Little Galleries – Little Artworks.” Samples of their small but powerful artwork are shown. The […]


Spelman raps in ’hannock

Master story teller Jon Spelman is coming to Rappahannock! Describing him as “the best company imaginable,” The Washington Post once said that “in Spelman’s hands storytelling is an art, not to be missed.” The Washington Times wrote of his “must-hear spellbinding skill. For the thrills and excitements, giggles and scares of an oral roller coaster, go along for this ride. An awesome demonstration of the storyteller’s art.” […]