Stone Hill’s newest

His Espionage and Sedition Acts criminalized dissent. Thousands of peaceful citizens went to jail for opposing World War I. Woodrow Wilson propagandized the county with fake news through the Committee on Public Information. […]


‘Odyssey’ a state winner

Budding playwright Grace Raiford, a rising 11th grader at Rappahannock County High School, recently submitted the script for her original one-act play, “The Odyssey of Timothy and Peter,” to the statewide “New Voices for the Theater” playwright competition. […]


‘Is he, is she good people?’

This is a play that requires a superb cast to portray the subtleties and dimensions of characters that could easily fall into caricature. Actors also must bring out the humor and sensitivity in the roles that make the play, ultimately, a celebration of human resiliency and the triumph of hope in spite of experience. […]


State Theatre up for auction again Jan. 23

After an unsuccessful attempt on Oct. 20 to find a buyer for the vacant historic theatre, investors are attempting once again to find someone willing to purchase the renovated building Jan. 23. This time, the auction will be held at 1 p.m. at the State Theatre. […]


Rappahannock’s power players

John Henry can’t move the stones in the amphitheater he built in Flint Hill, but his latest play produced by the Stone Hill Theatrical Foundation will have an out-of-town encore on Nov. 7, Election Day, at the U.S. Capitol of all places. […]


No bids for Culpeper’s State Theatre

The State Theatre remains in limbo. At a foreclosure auction for the renovated historic theatre Friday, no bids were submitted. According to Paul S. (Chip) Bliley Jr., attorney for law firm Williams Mullen, the theatre […]


Tallamy all about local landscapes

 I have been privileged to hear renowned entomologist Dr. Doug Tallamy speak several times, and every time I learn more about the importance of the inter-relationship between plants, insects, birds and mammals (including humans). Each time I hear him speak, I am inspired by his knowledge. […]


The Rapp for March 30

“Photographs of Italy” opens this Saturday at Middle St. Gallery; and the play “Galileo’s Torch,” originally performed at Stonehill Farm, will have a concert performance this evening (March 30) in Washington, D.C. at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre. […]


‘Arguing with God’ on tour

The Stone Hill Theatrical Foundation of Flint Hill recently staged a performance of “Arguing with God” at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Flint Hill’s Hugh Hill not only played Moses but also directed the performance. […]


The Rapp for Jan. 12

Celebrate Dr. King’s birthday with a former Miss America on Sunday at Little Washington Theatre. Middle Street Gallery’s first major show of the year is in their new gallery space and RAAC Theatre names new artistic director. […]

By Kathy Krometis

The Rapp for Dec. 1

It’s Christmas in Little Washington this Sunday; after the parade, Rappahannock Quilt Club are selling raffle tickets; this Saturday, RAAC Theatre’s “12 Days of Christmas” is followed by a Q&A with the playwright. […]