Washington column for Jan. 6

How to get your New Year’s resolutions to work for you, and what some of the ladies in the community think; the Washington Baptist Church variety show is coming; prayers, sympathy and January birthdays. […]

Health and Healthcare

Washington column for Nov. 25

We should be grateful for the little things that make each day worthwhile — a friend who brings you flowers or a loved one’s warming smile. Remember to count your blessings, however great or small, for they’re the silver lining whenever storm clouds come your way.

For parents Adam and Angie Jenkins of Washington, a storm cloud passed over them. They did not give up. With the love and support of their family, community and friends and their faith in God, they would not have been able to make it through the most difficult time in their lives. […]


Washington column for Oct. 28

A big Porche gathering in Little Washington; lots happening at the Middleton Inn; Nevill Turner turns out to be “No Ordinary” storyteller, and Washington Volunteeer Fire and Rescue has a very success ham-and-oyster fundraiser. […]


Washington Column for Sept. 16

A facelift for the Sheriff’s Office and county jail; the rescue squad plans an all-you-can-eat breakfast this Saturday, and longer thrift shop hours; the Rappahannock Community Bible Club starts up again; Flint Hill Vintage becomes Ginger Hill Vintage Finds and Antiques and moves to the old Faith Mountain building near the Co-op. […]