Fire and Rescue

Washington: Emergency squad comes to the rescue

Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue had a busy month in July. Statistics were reviewed at the monthly meeting last Saturday. There were 38 EMS calls in July. The squad responded to five fire calls, including a whole house fire. Other incidents included giving CPR, transporting a patient with severe fractures after being kicked by a horse; helping a child who broke an arm and needed 32 stitches after a bicycle accident; and several vehicle accidents. […]


Washington: Bring your ‘can-do’ attitude

Many people are interested in knowing how to can food so they can preserve some of the harvest for the winter. If you have never canned before and want to learn, or if you need refresher, you might be interested in the canning workshops offered by Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery in Washington. […]

Washington Column

Washington: New guests arrive at the Inn

Rachel Hayden, public relations director for the Inn at Little Washington, reports that the Inn has 17 new guests who will be staying on permanently.

They are 17 Clun Forest Sheep (all female) that came from Alan Zuschlag’s Touchstone Farm in Amissville. […]

Washington Column

Washington: Jail trustees keep garden growing

Rappahannock County Sheriff Connie Smith decided in April to start a garden on the Carrigan property behind the courthouse that is now owned by the county.

“The work is being done by the trustees of the jail,” said Smith. “The whole effort will save money on the food cost for the inmates, but it will also teach some skills to the inmates. The inmates have been incredibly excited to be working in the garden and watching it grow.” […]

Washington Column

Washington: Compliment earns one in return

On my daily walks through town each week, I pass by the Inn at Little Washington and I see these two awesome ladies, Sharon Starr and Linda Cole, working away, Starr cleaning on the outside of the Gift Shop and the Norman House and Cole sweeping off the front entrance of The Inn. Last Wednesday, I took the time to stop and tell Starr what a great job she was doing.

Washington Column

Washington: A legacy lives on in Rappahannock County

Our deepest sympathy goes to family of Ester Settle. Ester passed away on Monday (May 10) after a long battle with cancer. She devoted so much of her life helping others with cancer and also raising money to find a cure.
She was a loyal friend of the highest principles and values who would smile and always would listen. She loved Rappahannock County, its people and her heritage. She adored her family. […]


Washington: A home-schooled graduate

Saturday marked the graduation ceremony for Joy Virginia Alther of Washington. Proud parents, grandparents and friends gathered to celebrate the special occasion at Gid Brown Bible Baptist Church in Washington. Pastor John K. Burke introduced […]

Washington Column

Washington: Music and testimony

Washington Baptist Church has the contemporary Christian music group Immersed singing at its 11 a.m. worship service on Sunday. The group consists of Lee Catherine Clayton and Cameron “Cammie” Shelatz from Madison, Va. They most […]