Broadband in Rappahannock: Where does it go from here?

The seven-member group hasn’t decided what form a restructured committee would take but agreed that transitioning from a formal supervisory committee to something along the lines of a citizen’s committee could allow them more flexibility in devising ways to better connect the county. […]


Schools, library plan major internet upgrade

In addition to the library, elementary school, high school and school district’s administration building, the enhanced broadband service will also be provided to the Visitors Center, next door to the library. The building’s second floor is now home to the county administrator’s office. […]


Fight on Fogg Mountain 

Now the homeowners of one of these hilltop access points are suing Piedmont Broadband (PBB) for exceeding the terms of its lease. Ron Maxwell and his wife Karen Hochstetter, who live at the top of Fogg Mountain off Ben Venue Road, filed a complaint in January, charging Piedmont and its owner. […]


Look, up in the sky!

Officials from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and Lockheed Martin gathered at the Schoolhouse Nine Golf Course in Sperryville on two days this past week to test fly an unmanned fixed-wing aircraft, which if everything goes well will soon take off to pinpoint power line outages in hard-to-reach areas of Rappahannock County. […]


Take the broadband survey

Time is running out to complete Rappahannock’s broadband survey, which ends on Oct. 31, to determine exactly where the gaps are in our broadband access and to identify specific community needs for improved broadband service. […]


Rappahannock broadband still buffering

Despite the disbandment of the original panel, at the beginning of this year the Rappahannock Broadband Committee was re-formed by hands-on county supervisor and committee chair John Lesinski. In part, the committee was reinstated in response to a survey conducted by Foothills Forum. […]


Boston cell tower approved

Culpeper County’s Board of Supervisors approved an application to construct a cell phone tower just off Sperryville Pike Tuesday evening. The board voted 5-2 in favor of an application from Community Wireless Structures (CWS) VII LLC. […]

Boston Column

Boston column for Oct. 27

As many of you know via Anita L. Sherman’s article in last week’s paper, the Culpeper County Planning Commission approved the application of the CWS cell tower. However, there is still time to have your voice heard. […]


Supervisors seek feedback; get it

More than 50 citizens attended Monday night’s Hampton district “outreach” session, hosted at the Washington fire hall by the RCBS. For more than 90 minutes, the supervisors were alternately questioned, criticized and encouraged. […]


Embrace change? No. Adapt to it? Possibly.  

PART 3 OF 3: In such communities as Rappahannock, where broadband infrastructure is complicated by hilly, wooded terrain, the onus is now largely on local governments to make it happen, but there remains a wariness here about anything that could be associated with change. […]