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Bragg v BOS ordered to trial: ‘Time to resolve this matter,’ says judge

Last Thursday, Judge Parker heard a list of outstanding issues that needed to be resolved before the case — which he said has dragged out for two years — goes to trial. County Attorney Art Goff and local attorney Mike Brown, both representing the BOS, argued that several points made by Bragg should be dismissed because they were irrelevant or invalid. Bragg’s attorney, David Konick, argued successfully that the allegations had merit. […]

Crime & Courts

Day 1 of the Smoot homicide trial

For the first time since Flint Hill resident Randy Smoot was charged with murder in the death of Jonas “Jay” Alther, the community heard the whole story of what happened the night of October 19, 2017, and the morning after. […]

Crime & Courts

Judge Parker assumes Bragg cases, professes confusion

But, said Judge Parker, “There is no allegation of [Garton’s] willfulness in the pleading.” Instead, he said, “You’re suggesting the failure to comply was inadvertent, therefore it couldn’t be willful.” Konick, sitting at the lawyer’s table, although Frazier was representing himself, tried to interrupt several times to make Frazier’s case. […]

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Busy day in court sees motions in Bragg, Woolman and Smoot cases

Judge Parker handed down his ruling that he found no evidence of wrongdoing on Lesinski’s part. “It’s a solid win, a solid victory for our arguments,” Lesinski said at the time. “The judge didn’t see any merit in the pleadings and agreed with my counsel that charges didn’t rise to the level of meriting a trial.” […]

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Smoot bond amended for monitoring device

In light of the fact that Smoot had not violated his bond in the six months since it had been granted, Williams asked that the device be removed. Judge Jeffrey W. Parker ruled in favor Smoot and his SCRAM bracelet has been removed. […]

Adult Education

Healing behind bars: Specialized trauma yoga proves popular in Rappahannock regional jail

“Here at the jail there’s no guard in the room, but there are cameras and a panic button,” she continues. “But within four minutes of the first class I realized these people are all humans, all souls, just managing their suffering, their circumstances. It’s been very enjoyable for me, very emotional. […]

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Car theft, rummaging reported in Sperryville

By word of mouth alone, there are residents of Rappahannock County who boast about not locking the doors to their homes, whether day or night. And if that’s the case why bother to lock the doors to cars and pickup trucks? Rappahannock residents, especially any who don’t keep and bear arms, might consider changing their routines. […]

Crime & Courts

‘One question leads to another’ in ongoing criminal probe of county government

Speaking this week on condition of anonymity, the source told the Rappahannock News that the probe, which was launched by the Virginia State Police in February 2017 and is now in the lap of Culpeper County Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Walther, remains an ongoing “criminal investigation.” […]

Crime & Courts

Virginia Supreme Court grants Bragg FOIA appeal

In the case of Marian Bragg vs the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, the Virginia Supreme Court today (Thursday, May 17) upheld the local llama farmer’s appeal of a lower Rappahannock County Circuit Court ruling surrounding enforcement of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). […]