Avon Hall: Sold

After more than a decade of promising to do so, the Washington Town Council sold off its Avon Hall estate to a D.C. couple who plan on restoring and living in the property. […]

Roger Piantadosi

35 homes at Avon Hall? ’No, thank you’

Don’t shoot the messenger, Town Attorney John Bennett sighed after 45 minutes of discussion of a potential use of the 12-acre Avon Hall property, which just went on the market at last month’s Town Council meeting. The Council considered Monday night (Feb. 8) the construction of 35 houses on the property, an idea introduced by Bennett, on behalf of an anonymous interested developer. […]

Roger Piantadosi

Avon Hall is for sale

The Town Council released a resolution to sell and/or develop the Avon Hall property at 22 Avon Lane at their monthly meeting Monday night (Jan. 11) at the Washington Town Hall, with about 20 town residents in attendance. The resolution, which defines five potential uses of the property and maintains the council’s intention to preserve the unique character of the town, passed unanimously by a roll call vote. […]


Avon Hall: To carve or not to carve

After more than a year of long and thoughtful discussions of the future of the town-owned former Avon Hall estate — the latest of which took up most of its monthly meeting Monday night (Dec. 14) — the Washington Town Council moved another step closer to putting the nine-acre tract on the market. Or possibly one or more pieces of it. […]


Habitat for Humanity to build in Huntly

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity (FHFH) was recently awarded $12,000 from the Richard Lykes Foundation that FHFH Executive Director Brenda Drerenberger says will go toward the approximately $80,000 needed to fund a new house to be built in Huntly. […]


Town starts down road to Avon Hall’s future

The town of Washington has been putting significant effort into “doing the right thing” (in the words of Mayor John Sullivan and other town leaders over the last year of deliberation) with the nine-acre Avon Hall tract in the center of town. […]

Photo by Pam Owen

Editorial: A modest proposal

Last week’s Thanksgiving editorial touched on some of the countless things for which we here in Rappahannock County should be thankful. But perhaps that for which we should be most thankful are the very things we do not have. […]