An invitation to empower

With this guidance in mind, it is now me encouraging readers of this newspaper to become more engaged in our community as citizen journalists. It can be as simple as writing a short story about your daughter’s soccer coach-turned-mentor. […]


A welcome, and a thank you

The Rappahannock News has a new editor, esteemed longtime journalist (and more recent restauranteur) John McCaslin, who succeeds Roger Piantadosi who, after trying once before, is retiring from the “weekly miracle.” […]


A well-edited film

Martin Baron, the editor who directed the Boston Globe’s Pulitzer-winning coverage of a far-reaching scandal of abusive Catholic priests, answers Andy Alexander’s questions after a screening of “Spotlight” in town Friday. […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks, but no thanks

Right on, Roger! Re: last week’s editorial-page column, well said and well worth saying. I stopped being a RappNet subscriber when the sludge and muck got too deep to slog through to reach the community […]

Foothills Forum

Foothills is (again) a tax-exempt charity

The good folks involved with Foothills Forum got an early Christmas present this week from none other than the Internal Revenue Service.

In a letter dated Dec. 17, the IRS let us know they’ve determined Foothills Forum qualifies once again as a tax-exempt public charity. […]


News about the News

Rappahannock News’ editor, Roger Piantadosi, is stepping down after five years; publisher Dennis Brack will add “editor” to his title; and a familiar face to many, Alex Sharp VIII, is returning as reporter and chief news gatherer. […]

Foothills Forum

Foothills group gets responses and issues one

The Foothills Forum, the year-old nonprofit organization behind an in-depth opinion survey mailed to Rappahannock County citizens over the past few weeks, reported an encouraging response rate to its first-of-its-kind survey this week — and then found itself answering a few questions of its own. […]