The Rapp for July 26

Fourth (Estate) Friday, a drop — in traffic, and of a multi-ton new bridge — in Sperryville, and the many instances of village life going on around Rapphannock County in this week’s paper. […]


Editorial: Newspapers in education

Mike Leake, the president of our local bank, Union First Market, is a product of the Rappahannock County Public Schools system. He never forgets where he came from. Whenever given the opportunity, he supports the […]

Adult Education

The Rapp for Feb. 23

Fourth (Estate) Friday at Thornton River Grille; music by Haydn and Mozart at the Theatre’s last Smithsonian concert of the season; “J. Edgar” comes to town; an improvisation workshop. […]


The Rapp for Feb. 9

How you can help fund the Washington-based PBS show “In Season”; a Black History Celebration this Saturday at Scrabble School; volunteer your assembly skills at the elementary school playground; show your stuff (and the Beatles’) at Hearthstone. […]