Letter: Ned Ludd or Thomas Hobbes?

Desperately clinging to yesteryear’s outmoded cell phone tower technology while not taking advantage of the latest voice-data transmission science afforded in the extraordinary innovations of geostatic satellite technology is a strange place from which to […]

Crime & Courts

Crime & Courts for Dec. 9

Anna C. Clifford, 31, of Amisville was sentenced Tuesday by Rappahannock Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W. Parker to two years of supervised probation, 100 hours of community service and loss of her driver’s license for […]

No Picture

Clevenger’s Corner plans coming

If things go as planned this week, Jim Epstein, chairman of Washington, D.C.-based EFO Capital Management, Inc., will submit preliminary paperwork to the Culpeper County Planning Commission for a commercial and residential development at Clevenger’s Corner. […]

Health and Healthcare

Hard times drive more to seek aid

According to those who help run Rappahannock’s Food Pantry, Free Clinic and social services, the safety net that helps the poor of Rappahannock County in times of need is feeling the strain of greater need. […]

Sheriff's Report

Weekend crash kills woman

A Boston, Va., woman was killed in a single-car accident on U.S. 522 at 10 a.m. Sunday in Rappahannock County near the border with Culpeper County. Amanda Gayle Kidwell, 24, was northbound on U.S. 522 […]

Crime & Courts

Sheriff’s Report for Nov. 25

The Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office charged Julius Ceasar Lucas, 19, of 24 Mason Mountain Lane, on Nov. 13 with underage possession of alcohol. Deputy Gary Jenkins also charged Lucas with trespassing after he was told […]

Health and Healthcare

Washington column for Nov. 25

We should be grateful for the little things that make each day worthwhile — a friend who brings you flowers or a loved one’s warming smile. Remember to count your blessings, however great or small, for they’re the silver lining whenever storm clouds come your way.

For parents Adam and Angie Jenkins of Washington, a storm cloud passed over them. They did not give up. With the love and support of their family, community and friends and their faith in God, they would not have been able to make it through the most difficult time in their lives. […]

Health and Healthcare

Photo: Donor moment

Junior Smith Cliffton donates blood last Friday (Nov. 12) afternoon at the Rappahannock County High School American Red Cross Blood Drive. Sponsored by the National Honor Society, the drive collected a total of 39 pints […]


Conservation awards go to Dorsey, Stoney Meadows Farm

Rappahannock County residents were among recipients of awards presented Oct. 21 by the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District.

The annual awards dinner honors those who have demonstrated leadership in the stewardship of local soil and water resources. The awards presented were Educator of the Year, Forest Stewardship, Bay Friendly Farm Awards in each of the district’s five member counties, Conservationist of the Year and Business of the Year. […]